On a positive note...

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    On a positive note...

    Aqib Talib is the man! I don't know if anyone noticed, but on the Bengals 3rd down before the 2 minute warning, we had 12 men on the field. Aqib noticed it, screamed at Dennard (i think) to come over and cover AJ Green and sprinted off the field to the (closer) Bengals sideline. Saved us from a first down and kept us alive in the game. I thought that was really good awareness in a key situation.

    On a negative note, wish that heads-up move had not been in vain. :(


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    Re: On a positive note...

    yes, saw that,


    ok, on another of course the Defense...and Tommy Kelly does not seem to be injured badly and the rooky d-linemen put decent pressure on Dalton.