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on The O Line

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    on The O Line


    As Globe football writer Greg Bedard noted, Vollmer had a tough night on Sunday against the Ravens. Nate Solder did fine overall, but he, too, has shown vulnerability at times. Both players are young and may still improve, but Vollmer also has had some history of injury.

    At the start of this season, the offensive line was a problem. Against the Ravens on Sunday, the Patriots couldn't run and really couldn't throw. The Patriots appear to have a good complement of backs, but the inability of any offense to perform against more physical defenses usually starts with inadequate line play.

    Beefing up the depth on the offensive line certainly wouldn't hurt.

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    Re: on The O Line

    i think the o-line was fine. it was the te they killed us arron  and hooman  never set the edge. it will be a lot better with gronk and ballard next year those two are huge guys and can block.

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    Re: on The O Line

    The oline is good, but no where near great. Maybe a little overrated. Scar gets a ton of credit, as he deserves, but I'm not sure this is a top 5 unit without Brady under center.

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    Re: on The O Line

    The o-line needs to beef up more. TB needs better protection to last out his contract and to get the ball deep.

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    Re: on The O Line

    In response to zbellino's comment:

    Hence the draft should focus on interior offensive line talent and interior defensive line talent. Adding nods via FA to players like a decent WR and another Safety. 

    I think that assumes we re-sign Talib and Vollmer.  If we don't, corner and tackle become huge priorities in either the draft or free agency.  I think WR (with everyone a free agent except Lloyd, Slater, Aiken, Ebert, and Holmes) is also a big priority.  I agree interior O-line, interior D-line, and safety really need upgrades (a coverage LB might be nice too), but at least we have bodies in those positions.  Without re-signing our own FAs at tackle, WR, and corner, though, we have no one halfway decent to play those positions! Even Cole and Arrington are FAs, so at corner we're down to just Dennard and Dowling (and McCourty if we move him back).