Marshell , LOL , Im sorry I know theres been 15 in the past 3 hours , but I just wanted to add one more thing. This thread is about the facts , and liking/ not liking him for the RIGHT reasons! First of all let me say that Ive been all for getting this guy as far back as the trading deadline. The guy is an absolute freak , in his prime , proven he can carry the load and be the man if need be and would be a steal for just a first. Hes a top 5 rec with a skill set that few can match...few ever! Theres not but 2-3 guys that can do what he does , your talking about a guy who can give you 100/1200/10 TDs. Again this thread is about facts and fact is hes a top 5 guy and has been for the past 3 years. If you dont like him , fine , no problem at all , just get your chit right. Theres no debate about the type of player he is , hes one of the most complete receivers there is and one of the most productive. Also stop saying its all about the money for him , hes extremely UNDERPAID and has every right to complain and want a 5-6 year deal with some big bucks. Antonio Bryant is one of the most inconsistant head cases out there and he just got a 4/28 mil deal , 15 has made just a couple million per the last four years. Marshell deserves to get paid , no debate about that. Another thing Ive heard on here is that he is a terrible locker room guy , really , seriously how do you know that? I havent heard one current/former teammate say anything bad about him , I very well could be wrong. If so please inform me , I have no problem admitting when I am wrong? Just because hes had some off the field B.S. doesnt mean he brings that into the club house. And thats the last thing I want to address , his OTF B.S.  As long as he can play and it doesnt keep him from doing so...the who cares what he does. You guys are a bunch of pathetic losers with your pseudo axioms. Most of you walk around postulating about how superior you and your team are. When in fact most of you cant measure up to your own assumed idealistic benchmarks. Please , save it , everyone has made/done stupid/terrible mistakes , we're all human...well everyone except of coarse 23/45 and 81/84. Seriously , you guys are such morons , I feel so bad for your kids. And really cant believe that at some point a girl actually spoke to you , let alone laid down nakey with you. Honestly you dont deserve to watch sports if you sit down and tell JR. , see that man on TV? Thats who you want to be like when you grow up , you should look up to Tom Brady and be like him.  Im dead serious here , you dont deserve to procreate and should be confined to some atrocious , abhorrent place for the rest of your life to make the world a better place. Im thinking Cleveland or Oakland? This is pro sports we're talking about here , so the PATS have a shot to get Ray Lewis 6-7 years back , we get him, you take him? If your a real fan then of coarse you do , its a no brainer. He might be the best MLB of all time. You dont say , well hes not a nice guy , he has character issuses. Character smaracter , this is about winning , plain and simple , nothing else! I couldnt care less how innocuous and kind-hearted a person is! I want my receivers to put up 6 , I want the DB covering him to be able to spell my wideouts name backwards from seeing the back of his jersey so much! Show up every Sunday and ball your AZZ off , thats what matters to me and should be all that matters. Chuck was so right back in the day. Seriously you losers act like your favorite athlete is coming over for Thanksgiving , like your going to share a coke and a smile with 12. 
                           GO GET MARSHALL AND LETS KICK SOME AZZ!!!