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I believe it was 8 possesions by the offense and only 17 points, 7 of which came on an 8 yard drive after an INT by Guyton. O needs to get its crap together. D needs to get of the field. This team needs work.
Posted by GadisRKO

Last Monday night I saw a Jag's team with a similar man coverage on the Raven's receivers. It was white on rice and less to do with Flacco being inept. As outstanding a job as the Steelers' secondary did on the Pats' corp. Another blue print has been drawn up to defeat the Pats' and somehow BB has to find a counter. Options may be running thin.
I concur that the D needs to get off the field, but not with that group. Pitt mimicked the Pats' spread and brought it. How do you think this D would perform against TB? They would have been out there much longer, if 40 minutes isn't already enough. 
I believe that BB's responsibilities are an onus to him and he needs to delegate and issue directives from a lounge chair as an overseer. I'm not sure he trusts his staff. Can't totally fault him for player personnel evaluations. Kraft put him in that position and I think that BB's total control is too much for him to bear. My 2 sense.