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Only New Englanders get it

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    Only New Englanders get it

    Regardless of which personnel play for the big four (i.e. Bruins, Celts, Pats, and Sox), we end up with the same colours; same team; same history.  People like Red, Sinden, BB, and the rest are fixtures; they become part of the social fabric, as well.  However, many of the newbees, don't seem to get it.  More specifically, they often attempt to lure the faithful away from their team, system, and culture.  Of course, this is easier to do if the target is a perennial loser and hasn't brought home the goods since the faithful can remember.  (Note: you Bruins need to do something.)

    The audacity of having individual players challenge our coach, team and locker; new writers shoot the whole thing (i.e. coach; system) down is simply beyond the reach of the NE faithful.  It's not like we have a history of losing teams.  In fact, it wasn't too long ago that the Mayor wanted to rename the city to accomodate the degree of winning teams that were flourishing.  Hey, ya can't win 'em all, but ya can try, yeah?  Perhaps, this is why New England is such a respected sports town, along with Chicago, Detroit, and...New York?

    My point is this: players and individuals who are not attached to the teams and their history will continue to pass through the six states.  However, the hearts of New England sports fans will never leave.  We're not stupid- just a bit spirited.  And, who could blame us?

    It is absoluterly futile for unproductive players, new writers, and the like to attempt to turn us against our teams and their history.  FYI: the owners know this, which is why they buy the teams- think!  So, go ahead, keep dumping on our coach and his system.  Eventually, you'll be gone, but we'll still be fans of the same ole teams we grew up with.  In fact, it's doubtful that we'll follow those whose aim is simply to insure economic security by causing controversy through bad habits and ignorance.
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    Re: Only New Englanders get it

    Btown, well put.

    The biggest difference between NE fans and the rest of the country is how it crosses so many states, hence the term "New England" fan base.  All major teams will have fans in many states, but, these teams, Pats, B's Celts and Bosox, have the heart of their fans encompased in the six states of NE.  You don't hear the Colts fan base referred to the Upper Mid West fans, they are either Indy or Colts fans. When someone says you are a NE sports fan, most understand it to be a fan of all the NE major teams.  It is a regional thing, while the rest are a city thing and all is tied to the city of the team.
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    Re: Only New Englanders get it

    Well written, and true.  Nice work.

    The Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox are all excellent franchises to own - as an owner, you know that even with above-average success that you'll sell almost every game out.  You know that there's a huge media market and merchandising market despite the small overall population.

    As a Boston sports fan marooned in New York, it's very different for me to see most Giants fans' loyalty blow in the Meadowlands wind.  This week they think the Giants will beat the Eagles and win out through the Super Bowl.  Two weeks ago, they were ready to cheer for the Cowboys (The COWBOYS! A DIVISIONAL RIVAL).

    Best to you, BTown, and nice to see someone else post here who isn't afraid to write something longer than one grammatically incorrect paragraph.
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    Re: Only New Englanders get it

    I may not be in NE or even in the states but my passion for the Pats is unwavering as can be seen on the patriot logo tatted right over my hear heart. You can call me crazy but nothing aside from the ladies gets me more excited then seeing my favourite franchise take the field every Sunday.

    My trip to Foxboro last year for the Monday nighter verse the Bronco's was amazing and something unforgettable. Tailgating was ridiculously fun and the spirit was incredible. It was just me and my girlfriend so we thought it would be hard to make friends whille drinking. Quite the opposite. I'll be coming back no doubt.

    The only things I disliked was Seeing Rodney go down for good and seeing Cassel instead of Brady.:)