Open Discussion on the 2010 NFL DRAFT

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    Open Discussion on the 2010 NFL DRAFT

    To ALL:

    Redundant Note to naysayers: NEVER too early for Draft talk, X-Mas for NFL-fans...

    ~Now, For those creating NFL Mocks/and ALL others simply interested on How The N.E. Patriots look in regards to Overall Selection placement and number of picks:  As it stands now, Before Compensatory Selections, N.E. has 8 Overall Selections.  Good News, that We're already ahead of the game... 

    Given 8, It looks like the OLB Burgess pick wasn't too costly, with Oakland's "Undead Al" snagging our 3rd and 5th rders.  Also too, I wasn't aware that N.E. had an extra 5th rder at the onset of this season, So looking at this optimistically again, We can wipe the slate clean with the failed TE Alex Smith experiment as we're giving Tampa the other 5th rder.  Finally, I, for one, wasn't aware that N.E. was able to secure an extra 7th rder from Philadelphia for WR Greg Lewis.

    ~PRE-Compensatory Selection(s)/Addition(s) NOTE:
    Our Draft Total Allotment is now 8 (which I'll break down momentarily).  First however, Perhaps someone better in the know, Can offer WHOM exactly we lost due to Free Agency this year, AND more specifically, I forget IF The Compensatory Selections that are awarded go off of THIS particular Free Agency OR The PREVIOUS Year's FA?  In otherwords, the 2 big-names I can come up with are Asante Samuel (last year) and Matt Cassel (this year)...  Was N.E. granted the AS selection already in the 2009 Draft?

    Here is the Draft Breakdown (by rd) as it stands at this moment in the season (courtesy of

    RD 1: #27
    RD 2: #17
    RD 2: #19
    RD 2: #26 
    RD 4: #27
    RD 6: #25
    RD 7: #27
    RD 7: #28

    ~So That's it guys...I'll leave this as an open forum Where ANYONE can ask ANYTHING Draft related, trades, picks...anything ya want. 

    ALSO, I found this interesting list of Draftable Collegiate Players, which not only shows (unintentionally) How utterly stacked the 2010 Draft is going to be (compared to several of the recent years), BUT This site's board is ranked NOT on a particular Mock Draft, But rather, next to each draftee's name is a number that corresponds to where scores of other Mock Drafts, have the draftee being picked (example: for those that want N.E. to Trade-Up for Nebraska's DT Suh, The site has him in Position #1 @ a 1.9 average Mock Spot, So You ALL had better be talkin' about getting to spot #2, IF Suh falls even that far).

    Here's the site:

    Thoughts ANYONE
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    Re: Open Discussion on the 2010 NFL DRAFT

    what do you think of the possibility of the Patriots drafting taylor mays given that his draft stock has been falling in recent weeks. Also i think BB will go for the outside receiver spot during free agency. If the Patriots draft taylor mays it will auto matically upgrade our secondary and mays can come up and help with run support as a safety/linebacker. The outside linebacker positon will get delt with during the second round due to the fact of the amount of talent in this draft, but knowing BB he'll trade up if he wants someone, aka Mays.

    the following players should be on BB's radar and would be great for the Patriots

    jason pierre-paul

    Everson griffin

    carlos dunlap

    earl thomas

    brandon grahem

    joe mcknight

    arrellious benn

    jordan shipley

    corey wootton

    jerry hughes

    rolando mcClain

    Patrick robinson

    Those are some of the guys who can make a difference, shipley and benn are WR's who whould be availiable in the 2nd round.

    If there is a draft to upgrade any position on this team its the 2010 draft theres just so much talent availiable.

    but most of all the Pats need to go defence. I think adalias thomas won't be with the team, which will free up cap space and we could use that during the offseason. This upcoming offseason will a big one like 2007. BB will get who he wants in this draft, don't be surprised if we have multiple first round picks.

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    Re: Open Discussion on the 2010 NFL DRAFT

    so i like the depth of this draft.  there will be a ton of talent in the second round.  i like either ryan mathews or anthony dixon as a second round RB. i also like DE/OLB willie young from NC STATE in the second.  he can play standing or with his hand in the dirt, either way hes a pain in the a** for opposing QBs.
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    Re: Open Discussion on the 2010 NFL DRAFT

    Mayes will go back up.  When the combine starts his value will move up.  It's all about what the pro scouts think anyway.  It's not what the draft pundits think.  That's why a lot of folks think it's too early to talk draft.  But the draft is fun.

    The 2010 draft will have high talent well into the first round where in past years it has only lasted until about pick 12 in the first.  Last year we had about 1 3/4 of 2nd round talent which is considered a very rich draft year.