OSCAR PISTORIUS... any thoughts?

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    Re: OSCAR PISTORIUS... any thoughts?

    Any dude with no legs that still lands a girlfriend like that, then kills her on Valentines Day is as big an idiot that ever walked the face of the earth. If he did it, they should drop him in a giant hole filled with bullet ants.

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    Re: OSCAR PISTORIUS... any thoughts?

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    Nothing good comes of a loaded handgun under the bed. Another gun nut "defending his family."

    Good point. W/o extension on your point, here is what I do.

    Purchase a professional DeWalt nail gun. It's as accurate at 10 yards as a .45 calibre. It will drive a 16D nail 1/4 inch into a soft pine wood at 20 yards. It would kill at close range into the head or heart area. If Pistorius used this the 'accident" never would have happened.

    Even though I have 10 stray dogs housed in a barn for warning and 4 stray cats, I pick it off a very high shelf where kids or others cannot reach it. It works just fine. No license required and no questions asked..... There you have it.

    Enjoy your great posts and hope to read you more often..;-))

    Apparently all the times he nailed her before didn't work.  

    Apparently all he had was a 5D nail.

    keep up your good work ..;-)