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Our Big 3

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    Our Big 3

    2. Cornerback Aqib Talib -- One of the league's better bump-and-run corners, 27-year-old Talib has experience covering No. 1 receivers and more often than not shuts them down. He's good enough to be left on an island. A worrisome off-field history will affect Talib's value, however, and he seems unlikely to command as high-dollar a contract as Sean Smith. If interest in Talib is lukewarm on the open market, the Patriots would love to have him back at a reasonable price.

    Free Agent Forecast: Patriots on a four-year, $27.5 million contract.

    7. Offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer -- 6-foot-8, 315-pound Vollmer is one of the NFL's leanest, most athletic offensive tackles and has developed into an elite pass blocker. He's also a critical piece in New England's power-zone running scheme. Durability is a concern, however, as Vollmer has a history of back woes and is currently recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. If Vollmer's market underwhelms due to his medicals, the Patriots will be waiting with open arms.

    Free Agent Forecast: Patriots on a five-year, $30 million contract.

    9. Wide receiver Wes Welker -- Welker will test the open market on Tuesday, but the most likely outcome is re-signing with New England at a team-friendly rate. Though video-game productive, Welker is a scheme-specific slot receiver and extension of the run game, as opposed to a flier who rips the top off of defenses. He's more valuable to the Patriots than anyone else.

    Free Agent Forecast: Patriots on a three-year, $22 million contract.

    reasonable or not.

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    Re: Our Big 3

    To me, the first two are a must have. 


    Welker is a luxury, not a neccesaity, but Brady reworked his contract because he wanted Wes back so he's coming back. 

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    Re: Our Big 3

    your numbers are very reasonable, but I am betting that each player is offered more than your numbers. Vollmer may not be able to pass a physical at this time, will be interesting to see what happens with him.

    if the numbers are true with Jenkins at 5/$32, I cant see Talib accepting 4/$27

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    Re: Our Big 3

    Yeah, I think we need to get off the Jenkins to the Pats train. There are absolutely no rumors or talk anywhere, except on this message board, about Jenkins to the Patriots. It aint happening.


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    Re: Our Big 3

    I actually think we can move on from all 3, esp Vollmer and Wes because of price and Talib because of the crowded market and the fact he is always dinged up with those hammy and hip injuries.  Those things dont go away so I hope BB isnt being close sighted and he knows we can do better for the money eslewhere.

    Cribbs/Edleman > more explosive/value than Wes Welker

    Winston/Cannon > more value than overpaying Vollmer and his bad back

    CB1, CB2, CB3,( name any 3 of the mid level guys) can all be had for less than Talib probably wants and may get elsewhere