Our Defense is Close

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    Re: Our Defense is Close

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    get Mayo, VW, Kelly healthy.

    sign a real strong safety. someone good. (whitner, pollard)

    get Talib back.

    get some damn DE/DT depth through FA  and draft

    and i think we could be great like Seattle.

    glimpses were shown the first few weeks until the injuries came on.

    need one or two more playmakers and health

    got Mayo, Collins and Hightower next season, top 5 LB corps in NFL and Woodyard still a possibility...

    get Revis >>>> Talib.

    now just finish up the Browner deal and get Jared allen or Julius Peppers and like I said, LEGIT and CLOSE to SEA.


    Told ya, we were close!!!!!!

    Yep, 4.5 yards per run.... very close!  Bwahahhhhahahahaha!  

    you were warned mike haha. the patriots have the best defense in the nfl now and will win the superbowl. sad day for jets fans hu haha. oh yeah and last years defense is nothing like what you will see this year. we are going to be the most dominant defense since the bears superbowl.. the jets offense is god awfull and i predict that we shut them out both times we play them this season. wow