Our Saints First Rounder

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    Our Saints First Rounder

    you guys think they are a lock for the playoffs- they've struggled at times this year

    New Orleans Saints Schedule - 2011


    2011 Regular Season Schedule
    1Thu, Sep 8Brees 419 Ingram 40 Henderson 100
    2Sun, Sep 18Brees 270 Ingram 51 Henderson 103
    3Sun, Sep 25Brees 370 Ingram 38 Graham 100
    4Sun, Oct 2Brees 351 Sproles 75 Graham 132
    5Sun, Oct 9Brees 359 Sproles 51 Graham 129
    6Sun, Oct 16Brees 383 Ingram 22 Graham 124
    7Sun, Oct 23Brees 325 Ingram 91 Colston 98
    8Sun, Oct 30Brees 269 Thomas 23 Moore 74
    9Sun, Nov 61:00 PM FOXTickets
    10Sun, Nov 131:00 PM FOXTickets
    11BYE WEEK
    12Mon, Nov 288:30 PMTickets
    13Sun, Dec 41:00 PM FOXTickets
    14Sun, Dec 111:00 PM FOXTickets
    15Sun, Dec 181:00 PM FOXTickets
    16Mon, Dec 268:30 PMTickets
    17Sun, Jan 11:00 PM FOX
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    on paper it looks like a tough schedule down the stretch, yet most of the experts still have them as the second best team in the NFC (if not the league)...I guess people still aren't quite sold on San Fran yet, should be an interesting finish
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    It is possible - almost likely - that both the NO pick and the NE pick will follow each other, somewhere @ 23 or 24!
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    I hope it's around 26 then maybe we will actually use it to draft a midget DB who is injury prone while passing on that stud LB/DE who doesn't quite fit coaches prototype of the oversized run stuffer in this new Pass happy league.
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    There's no reason to think they can't beat everyone left on their schedule, but there's always a speed bump or two (like the Rams) lurking somewhere in the weeds.

    I'm tempted to say that the NFC is one again a desperately inferior conference, but then I look around the AFC and it's actually starting to look as if the long-sought-for parity is finally here. Aside from a few perpetually bad teams like Arizona and Seattle -- and a few obviously tanking teams like the Dolphins and the Colts -- the difference between the haves and the have nots in the league is less this year than it's probably been in a decade.

    All that said, and with tongue only partially in-cheek, the Pats are going to trade that pick down anyway.


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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    I said the pick will be in the 20-25 range at the beginning of the season. They could still win their division (prior to the Rams game they looked better than both TB and Hotlanta) and that pick could fall further.

    Keep in mind the Patriots still have the Raiders 2nd and Belichick still has the option to move up or down the 2012 draft.
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    I think the hope here is that eventually one of these teams sucks and the pick is less than 15 and he can cash it in. Although if the right player is at the right spot I'm sure he'd use it. But he could always trade it away to a crappy team for their pick next year like the Dolphins. Or he could use the Saints pick and send our pick away for a first next year. I don't have any problems with that, it's basically how they got Mayo, and the only way a winning team can get a low end pick is by doing what BB does.
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    Well good luck hoping he moves up...

    The Saints will be at best a 12-4 team and at worst a 10-6 team.

    It would be real crummy luck if they go 10-6 and we are poised to pick 21-23 and then they make the super bowl and its 31-32
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    I'm pretty sure I said up or down(more likely).I know that Belichick's modus operandi is to trade down for more picks. he could also trade into the 2013 draft (basically what happened with the Ingram pick).The Saints could win their division and go on a run in the playoffs. They could be the one team in the NFC that could win a shootout with Green Bay. Playoff positioning is difficult to predict. I think alot of people expected/predicted Atlanta to win the NFC South and they don't look that good right now, but alot could change between now and the playoffs.

    I'm in 12-4 to 10-6 camp like rameakap. I can't see the Saints not making the playoffs unless something drastic happens(Brees is injured) Either way Pats fans had to know the Saints are contenders and that their first would not be that great.

    The Raiders could win their division or finish 3rd and not make the playoffs. I don't think either of these pick compares with the San Fran 1st (traded down and got Mayo) or the Carolina 2nd as I expect both the Saints and Raiders will do well. I expect the Raiders pick to be slotted higher than the Saints pick. For example, I expect the Raiders 1st in the 12-20 range. Je-sus......I should have said draft position..................sorry for the confusion......I am on the phone with the directtv guys....at the moment..
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    I don't see the Saints winning fewer than 11 regular season games. In fact, they'll probably win that division.

    But they've got the same problem the Pats have---great offense, very suspect D. In fact, while on paper the New Orleans pass defense is better than NE's, their front 7 is God-awful and worse than the Patriots' front 7.

    They'll make the playoffs but I wouldn't worry too much about the pick falling to #31 or 32; that's not a Super Bowl team.

    As for BB trading up next April: don't be too surprised if it finally happens. The new restrictions on rookie contracts mean that drafting a guy in the top 15 or so isn't as damaging to the salary cap structure as it has been in the past.
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    Re: Our Saints First Rounder

    How many spots would the Saints (Patriots) pick move up with a Lions win tonight?