Paid to be Wrong

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    Paid to be Wrong

    what a dream it must be to live as an nfl draft analyst.  perhaps one of the few professions on earth where you can be so cluless about your "expertise", have such a low rate of accuracy in your field, yet still get paid thousands if not millions of dollars a year for your efforts.  these bastards put weather men to shame when it comes to getting things wrong.  they have no idea what kind of inevitable pre draft trade will go down, even less of an idea what kind of draft day shenaneganian moves will undoubtedly occur, and to top it off not one of them has the forsight to predict accurately even one late draft gem, nor the cahonays to identify the guys who will be outright busts.  yet here they come in full parade regala, year after year with their endless insights and draftboards dragging us through their carnival of nonsense.  i admit, starving for football as we are this time of year, tis not easy keeping thine eyes and ears turned from the idiot din.  but really folks, in all fairness, a monkey throwing darts at a draft poster board on a wall would come damn close to the hit percentage of these clowns.  and i tell ya, those guys work for bannanas, too.
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    PLEASE... Shut Up!!!

    For the greater good I'm going to respond to this in the hopes everyone else can just ignore this waste of a thread and move on with something more thought provoking.  I actually wasted 10 sec of my life reading this and in order to make something out of nothing I'm going to try and save everyone else's time.

    To the moron that started this unfortunate thread:  Millions? Really?  You HONESTLY believe that the ONLY thing Draft Analysts do is mock drafts?  It's called multi-tasking, donkey.  Or better - a hobby.  McShay certainly gets paid for his time in between calling collegiate football games and appearing on several ESPN shows.  It was tough looking that up on Wikipedia!

    Picking the draft is equatable to picking the NCAA Bracket.  It's FUN!  If you actually put stock into ANY mock draft beyond the first three picks then I can't imagine what other mundane things must set you off.  Maybe the plastic ring on soda bottles you catch your lip on or why birds can't sing at a lower octive?  It must be painful being you. 

    Move on with your life or change jobs and make MILLIONS being a draft analyst.

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    Re: Paid to be Wrong

    Hold on a minute they are not analyst ... They are rumor and gossip columists pretty much the same as  the paparazzi press and political columists  thry'd do anything to sell there story's for $$$
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    Re: Paid to be Wrong

    There is Validity to your points.  However the vast majority of pro football's talent evaluator's stink as well, with all their combines, film watching, etc.  Detriot (haven't been in playoffs for years), Vickings, Bukanneers(haven't been in playoffs for years), Falcons, Chargers,Texanss, Titans, Browns, have never been to the Super Bowl,  many teams like the Jets, Saints, and Cardinals are usually dogs, except for brief periods.

    The point?  Their talent evelauators are no better then the talking heads on TV.  As long as most of the s*ck, I will voice my opinion!
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    Re: Paid to be Wrong

    In Response to Re: Paid to be Wrong:
    Hold on a minute they are not analyst ... They are rumor and gossip columists pretty much the same as  the paparazzi press and political columists  thry'd do anything to sell there story's for $$$
    Posted by hoyle

    You really think the guys who do it for an nfl team are that much better?  I can remember when Ryan Leaf was coming out..NO ONE connected to ANY nfl team thought that he wasn't comparable to Peyton Manning.  Toni Mandarich, Ki Jana Carter, Blair Thomas, Tim Couch, Audrey Bruce...Names ring a bell?

    The entire thing is a crapshoot.  Guys like BB, Jimmy Johnson, Parcells, often get credit for solid drafting...I have a hunch that it's more about solid coaching of your draft picks than about being a great evaluator, and even then, there is sometimes just no hope...Chad Jackson, Kevin Lee, Derrick Lassic...Yeah all good solid 2nd round picks according to ALL the experts, but none could play a lick in the nfl.

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    Re: Paid to be Wrong

    Guys like Kyper are paid the big bucks to have vast amounts of knowledge about the players selected (whether you agree with him or not that is another issue, but a lot of people listen to him that watch the draft cause they don't have the knowledge base to draw from beyond a few of the top players) and he earns his money so to speak like the rest of them by helping to fill the time between picks with at the very least an overview of the players ability and teams that might be looking for a player like that.

    I don't see them as reporters like I see some of the better columnists lets say, more like Entertainment tonight reporters.