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Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

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    Re: Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

    For the large part I agree, but I put the Pittsburg loss squarly on the shoulders of the D and there's one stat that I feel justifys this. 10/16 -62% 3rd down conversion. I remember every 3rd down conversion felt like a dagger to the back, bit dramatic but there you go! They were mainly 3rd and longs as far as I remember, I remember a 3rd and 8 they converted just at the marker. That's heart breaking you have to admit and as well as that it kept Brady off the field. Now I know they wern't efficent with the chances they had the offense i mean but who's to say if given a few more they wouldn't have done something. I just remember those 3rd downs were killer!
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    Re: Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

    In Response to Pass/Fail Grades Until Now:
    I did this about a month ago and no one really chimed in, so let's try it again. Since there is still some apparent insistence to deflect from entire halves not being played by our offense, let's do a little test. Please no irrationals or trolls. Irrationals, if you choose to come into this thread, be honest and no spamming. Give a Pass or Fail mark for the offense and defense with the understanding the game is 4 qtrs, not 2 .  If BB preaches 60 minutes, we should hope we see it every week.  This has nothing tod with effort, but actual reality with how the game unfolds and what you saw with yout eyes. No explanation needed for your choices, but a summary is welcomed for the reasoning at the end. Then, tally each side at the end and mark the totals. I'll start:                 O        D Miami         P        P SD             P        P Buffalo       F        F Oakland      P       P NYJ           P        P Dallas        F        P Pitt           F        F NYG          F        F NYJ           F        P KC            F         P Totals:  Offense = 4 Passes, 6 Fails            Defense = 7 passes, 3 Fails When thinking back to each game on each side played, the Defense has played better than the offense almost twice as much. In each fail case, however, for the D, they actually outplayed the offense in those failed games.  The root cause of the D's failure games stem from an offensive collapse or outright anemic offense like in Giants game.  Luckily, we won the Dallas game. Funny how these 3 failed games, actually are games where the game would have been won with better offensive play.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    I noticed that you only gave the defense fails on games we lost. That to me is irrational If we look at the teams average scored for and against: 31.8(for)   18.8(against) And use those as your barometer for if the team failed or passed then id have to give the following grades:
    1   O:Pass D:Fail
    2   O:Pass D:Fail 
    3   O:Pass D:Fail 
    4   O: Fail D:Fail 
    5   O:Fail D:Fail 
    6   O:Fail  D:Fail 
    7   O:Fail  D: Pass
    8   O:Fail  D:Fail 
    9   O:Pass D: Pass
    10 O:Pass D: Pass

    Games where the offense scored above the average are Pass, games where the defense gave up more then the average are fails. as you can see the Pats have only had 2 complete games, but on the whole the offense has carried the defense for the majority of the season.

    Lets go deeper when i get some free time and look at what teams allowed and normally got to see who well the pats match up vs specific teams.

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    Re: Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

    Honestly I think they both have a ways to go, but if I had to choose I'd say the offense is better and has outperformed the defense.

    Leaving stats out of it, there is a couple of things I see wrong with the D that will kill us in the playoffs. The obvious is the safety position, but I really think the run defense needs to improve. I'm sure we're ranked somewhere in the middle of the pack or upper half, but have they really been tested? Why would they, when you can throw on them so well? I think Love gets tossed around, and Wilfork is probably getting worn down. Ellis is playing hurt and Carter weighs 250. The linebackers weren't exactly built for taking on blocks; Guyton can do it, but chooses not more often than not. Mayo is good but not great at it. Spikes is made for it, but will he come back ready? There are holes there (too many of them) and if you watch the line...they're getting pushed back way too much. Deadrick needs to round into form and come on strong to help, and something from Brace would be nice. I love what Carter and Anderson are giving to our rush, I just wish Wright and Pryor were healthy.

    This is the scenario I can's a cold Saturday night in January, we're at's windy and we're going against a balanced team. They mix in a nice balance of run and pass, but rely more on the run due to the weather conditions, and we can't get off the field! Maybe we get a pick, or something to keep it interesting, but in the end we're not nasty enough to win playoff football. Plus there is always the fear that it's third and seven and we can't get them off the field.

    The offense (although highly rated) is far from perfect. We can't run it consistently good enough to be balanced like we need to be. Our lead back is limited; he won't stretch a run to the outside, a draw would be a disaster, and he's not gifted enough in the passing game. Woodhead is limited too; he's going to get killed or fumble if you run him up the middle too much. Defenses know our limitations in that area, they've had a year to figure it out, when either of these guys come into the game they can be heavily schemed against. Ridley and Vareen were drafted for a reason, they need to be a part of this offense quick.

    The passing game is all short to mid range stuff and a good team will shut it down. Price needs to get out there and do something. If Ocho really doesn't know what he's doing, would it kill them to send him deep and say, ok we just took half your confusing responsibilities you only need to know how to run 30 to 50 yards down the field.

    Despite all of our flaws, this is a team that always will have a puncher's chance with Brady and Belichick at the helm. 
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    Re: Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

    if you look at what the offense against the opposing defense, and the defense against opposing offenses the pats offense has outscored the average for every game this year, the defense has held opponents under their average all but twice.

    34 3 w KC 25.2 14.4 Pass Pass
    37 16 w NYJ 21.7 22.8 pass pass
    24 20 l NYG 22.8 22.8 pass pass 
     25 17 l PIT 17.9 22 pass pass 
     30 16 w DAL 20.6 25 pass pass 
     30 21 w NYJ 21.7 22.8 pass pass 
     31 19 w Oak 25.4 23.5 pass pass 
     31 34 l Buf 25.3 23.7 pass fail 
     35 21 w SD 25.9 23.6 pass pass 
     38 24 w Mia 18.6 19.3 pass fail  

    Basically what im trying to say here is its all based on opinion, the giants should never have won that game, the defense gave us a chance to get in it, the offense took over and gave us the lead, and then the defense gave it away with penalties. The same thing with the Buff game. the offense put us ahead and the defense gave it away with poor play in the final 2 minutes.
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    Re: Pass/Fail Grades Until Now

    when you say 32nd ranked thats typically based off of yardage. I base my off of scoring, The patriots have the best offense in the AFC in SCORING, the defense is middle of the pack in scores allowed. Last time i checked if you score more points then your opponent you tend to win the game more often. the next time the pats get blown out we can talk about how the offense is costing us games.

    The next time the pats lose where the offense scores under 30 and the defense gives up Less then 19 we can talk about how the offense let us down.

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