Pass Rush Fallacy

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    Re: Pass Rush Fallacy

    Nink is a smart player who understands the scheme, does his job, and makes the plays he should make.  He's a fairly average NFL athlete, however, and not someone who is going to create a lot of plays all on his own just by overwhelming the guys he's matched up against.  This gets to this idea that several have mentioned . . . that BB highly values smart, team-type players but maybe doesn't put quite as much stock in outstanding individual talents. That's a big contrast between Belichick and Carroll.  You can even see it in the way BB prevents guys from talking while Carroll encourages them to just be themselves.  The styles of the teams (both in player composition and in attitudes on the field) reflect the preferences of the coaches.



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    Re: Pass Rush Fallacy

    In response to crazy-world-of-troybrown's comment:

    What they did effectively, was the push up the Middle, Manning had a hard time to step into his passes. They did which I wish was done more. They put the arms up. The 1st int was a result of it. He had to change his trajectory of the pass.


    It helped their edge rushers too, when the OL had to pay attention to the pressure in the middle

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    Re: Pass Rush Fallacy

    In response to ATJ's comment:

    If we are to use Seattle as THE model for how D should be played in the NFL these days (and I don't necesarily agree or disagree) then perhaps we should stop insisting that sacks are THE measure of an effective pass rush.  The Seattle Seahawks sacked PM exactly once and had a grand total of 4 QB hits on him all game. 

    My take away from that truly impressive defensive performance was that an effective NFL D is a result of talented players playing as an integrated unit with each component seeing to the task at hand.  That the Seattle D also really brought the wood didn't hurt much (or perhaps it did) either.

    Just my perspective.


    Good perspective... True... TEAM concept.... Pressure on the QB (whether sack or not) HELPS coverage and possiblity to make a big play... Coverage helps pressure get to QB... each helps the other... Stout run D puts offense in longer downs and forces other team to HAVE TO succeed through the air... One part of the D helps the other.. One player DOING his job helps the other players do theirs and to make plays....

    Add being aggressive in a team concept format and you can dominate.


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    Re: Pass Rush Fallacy

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:

    It will surprise people, but the Pats' defense was 5th in sacks during the regular season, with 48.  Seattle was 8th, with 44. .... 

    ...... Before the Pats-Bronocs game, I said the key to the Pats winning was the defense being able to do this.  There was no way the Pats' offense could keep up with the Broncos' offense in a s hoot out.  Seattle did exactly what the Pats needed to do (and they did it exceptionally well), which is basically why they won. 

    There is one HUGE difference between what Seattle did and what the Pats "needed to do" and that is the Seahawks have the defensive backfield to cover the receivers while the Pats did not.  How many times did we see the QB of the opponent have time and the receivers were wide open?  Even when Manning had time, he could not really find wide open receivers against the Seahawks until late in the game during garbage time.

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    Re: Pass Rush Fallacy

    Build the O and the D from the LINE back....

    Get a really good C... upgrade RG... upgrade 2nd TE with a guiy good enough to be a decent #1 and a great #2.

    On D get 1 or 2 studs added to the line.. DT/NT and DE... Nink can rotate at DE and OLB and in packages.. he is good core player... But make the front dominant... It will make the back more dangerous and effective...

    And yes... get a more solid SS too... .but it starts up front.

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