Pass Rush will kill the game

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    Pass Rush will kill the game

    If the game has degenerated into a pass rush exhibition, then the NFL will kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Stadiums won't be able to fill their seats if all we see QB's being beaten to the ground. So forgetaboutit.  Save your money and watch a TractorPull or BigFoot.

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    Re: Pass Rush will kill the game

    Couldnt disagree more, now more than ever fans, both hardcore like myself and casual fans are really sick n tired of the rules skewing towards the O. Its really getting old quick. Also people are more than ever "students of the game" and are digging deep to learn as much as they can about the game they love so much. So real fans can really appreciate the type of skills a Freeny, Peppers, and Allen bring to the game, as well as a Woodsen and Revis in the secondary. I love defense wheather it be guys like Willis and Rudd at the backer spot, or a Wilfork on the d-line. To be fair I have always loved D in all sports, Hockey, Boxing, Basketball etc. I can understand if some dont feel the same.