Pass Rushing stats, insider compared Thomas to Burgess and TBC.

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    Pass Rushing stats, insider compared Thomas to Burgess and TBC.

    Pats' OLBs in 2009-10

    Interesting numbers, % wise Burgess was the best pass rusher this season.  I think he needs to come back, he's had a full season is not adjusted to moving cross country to a new team.  We also gave up too much to get him just for 1 year he and TBC are back.  Burgess can take over weak side for AD and would do a better job.

    Let's compare Adalius with Derrick Burgess and Tully Banta-Cain.

    Total Plays601559725
    Pass Rushes124368355
    Pass Rush %20.6%65.8%49.0%
    Sacks + Hits + Pressures113543

    see how the 3 compare to the league's elite.

    The Best Of The Best

    Here are the performances of top linebackers in a 3-4 scheme in terms of pass rushing this past season.

    Player NamePass RushesPass Rush %Sacks + Hits + Pressures
    DeMarcus Ware61456.2%95
    LaMarr Woodley39138%60
    Elvis Dumervil41947.6%55
    Tully Banta-Cain35549%43
    Clay Matthews42446%51
    Jason Taylor34141.2%32
    Adalius Thomas12420.6%11
    Mike Vrabel28130.4%23
    Derick Burgess   368                  65.8%              35
    "Added by me"

    If Crabel is heathly and can finally play he will improve and be more of a 3 down strong side LB with Tully backing him up.  Burgess on the weakside I would like to see either McKenzie or a draft pick at MLB.  Guyton would move to the outside or come in some packages.
    To help the LBs I think we need two DEs that can push, collapse the pocket as well as stopping the run.  With a couple of additions this D is not that far off, I think DE is higher in priority than OLB although I still would like to see one drafted but not with the first 2 or 3 picks. 
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    Re: Pass Rushing stats, insider compared Thomas to Burgess and TBC.

    I think we can hold Burgess and but Thomas. I think Crable can be a quality olb but we can't bank on it and we probably need to draft an olb and an ilb. 

    We need to draft a tackle, ilb, and olb. We can probably sign a 3rd receiver option (hopefully Tate kicks in and fills that but we need to sign one also).

    I'm not impressed with Guyton. Honestly I think he's a no down guy who is on the bench in case of injury. I'd rather have Butler playing close to the line than Guyton. 
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    Re: Pass Rushing stats, insider compared Thomas to Burgess and TBC.

    Very interesting thread. I was hoping the pats were going to trade for Burgess last year, but what I saw out of him was a player that lost that step he had to get to the QB.  I was at a few games this year and watched him pretty closely and he couldn't get close to the QB. They had him rushing from both of the sides at the Atlanta game earlier in the season and when Banta Cain took his place there was a noticable difference in speed and push.

    But hey, he did have five sacks last year and probrably won't be expensive to keep. We need depth and maybe a year in the system will help. Banta Cain is someone who probrably can cash in this off season, as it is he had 10 sacks and could of had more if there was anyone opposite from him.

    Thinking that Crable can play the strong side scares me a little, have you ever seen his legs? He looks like he could knit with those things, hard to imagine him taking on right tackles.

    I like the outside of the box thinking of drafting DE's early, rather than olb's. They have more value, are harder to find, and are easier to project than a 34 OLB conversion. However I love Graham from Michigan, he's got more strength and power than alot of these outside guys that are the rage every draft year.