Patience is a virtue

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    Patience is a virtue

    so many are so upset with the moves others are making in our division, others are upset about lack of moves on our part.  We got such a long way to go prior to the start of the season and we have soo many options to improve between now and then.

    LT would not have helped us anymore than a Westbrook or a Parker can - and they are still out there. 

    Marshall - better than Moss? no - Moss has repore with Brady which makes him the better play for this year.

    What do we need insurance for Welker - is it out there cheep YEAH - Javon Walker? (he had it once), J. Reed, Muhammid, Holt, - we need someone to handle the 10-15 yard passes.  Brady has made some mediocre WR look good - Branch for example. So why waste money and picks on areas we can still easily address?

    We need D - LB, CB etc. that is what the Pats will address and it started signing of our key personel. 

    Wait 30 days from now I'm willing to bet we will be seeing a differrent team then we do now - improved (maybe not the long term player but someone who can fill an immeadite need)

    And we still have 2 1st rounds next year.  So relax this isnt what we will be going into preseason with

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    Re: Patience is a virtue

    Yes, patience is a virtue but also remember, too much patience means you have too much time on your hands!

    I would take Moss over marshall anyday, at least for the next two seasons.  But the Pats did pass on 3 really goor WR that would have put up huge numbers. I don't see another receiver that we can get that we can say that about. 

    We need a receiver that can go more than 10-15 yards.  We need another Moss type receive.  We already have Welker and Edelmann for the short yardage.  Could you imagine picking D's apart with Moss, Welker/Edelmann, and a Boldin or Marshall or Holmes type WR.  however, there are none of those out there now.

    We wouldn't need to improve the defense, just outscore everyone again. 

    Hopefully 30 days from now things will be much clearer and have a solid roster with some big holes filled!
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    Re: Patience is a virtue

    there's talent out there and BB will finds it and nuture it to the Patriot Way. I'd rather have a young rookie WR that BB has vetted out and feels he has the qualities to be on the team instead of a seasoned vet you slaps woman or gets high all the time
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