Is it just me or the defense looks pretty good this season. Haven't really seen many blown coverage in the secondary (read: 3rd and 15th in the OT loss to R-A-T-S last season). I agree that lots of work still needs to be done, but this could be a building block to a good defensive team in the future. We can never have a D like Ravens and Steelers, but we can definitely be in top 5. Also, why are Pats so stingy in giving contracts to block buster players? I am sure that TB will cash in big time in the next year or so. Why can't they pay good $$ to lure away a stellar DT/DE/OLB? One block buster player can chage the way D plays (Read: Polamalu, Freeney, Sanders). I am not saying that they need to hand out absurd contract like Raiders and Redskins, but something in the range of what they paid to Seymour should attract a lot of attention to prized free-agents who don't have anything to prove except win a super-bowl ring.
Any thoughts?