Patriot Grades for week 1:


Offensive Line       D-
Passing              B-
Rushing              C-
Coaching             C

     Comments: Starting with the Offensive line, It looked like the Giants game all over again. It was not a very good performance by the line against the Bills, and lets remember this is the Bills, the Patriots will be playing much better defenses as the year goea along, so this is quite concerning if your a Patriots fan. Next we have the passing and rushing sides of the offense which is pretty much indicative of how the Offensive line plays, so one can see that if the line struggles the rest will struggle as well. Again for a first game I expect this will improve over time, but again the O-line must really improve if we are to see an improvement in the other parts of the offense. Finally there is the coaching, an average job at best, some good decisions and some bad decisions were made throughout the night, I hope this improves over the season as well, but alas it is only the first week.

Defensive Line       C
Linebackers          D
Secondary            B-
Coaching             I

     Comments: Lets start with the Line, which I thought played an average game, there is much improvement to be made here, that line has to put more pressure on the QB, if this defense is to survive the season and protect the much weaker back 7. As for the linebackers, the injury to mayo doesn't help an already young and weak linebacking core. There were many times last night where the linebackers looked extremely slow and out of positon, for example the screen pass the Bills had in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and 15 play, which gained them 20 yards, there was only one Patriot for 10 yards on that screen pass, THIS MUST GET BETTER!!!!! The secondary I thought played quite well,and clearly was the best part of the defense. However I also feel that this will be one of the only times I will be saying that, and this definitely will be the last time they get a grade this high on this part of their Defense. Finally the coaching which I gave an Incomplete, mainly because I don't even think the coaches knew what they were getting on the defensive side of the ball. I suspect it will be this way for a few weeks, so it will be tough to grade the coaching until the defense gains an identity.

     In conclusion, the Bills clearly gave the Patriots this game and to be honest, the Patriots have a long way to go get to where they want to be. The game pretty much went status quo, as far as Brady is concerned. He pretty much had the game I expected, especially in the first half. Considering they pretty much gave up on the running game, I thought he handled himself well under the circumstances. All in all, they got out with a win and thats all that matters, but superbowl contenders, well, lets just take it one game at a time, and go from there...