Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    SS - Chung backup McGowan FS - Merriweather backup Sanders 
    In my opinion, Merriweather is best suited  as a FS not SS. Because, he is not sure tackler. ;(

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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    themightypatriotz... I know I am a homer when it comes to players from Maine in particular (I am an Alum) but to say McGOwan should be cut is crazy. Did you watch any of the games he played in? He had forced fumbles and shut down some tough TE's and basicly was the roving thug you need to have on your team. He is a great Safety when used the way Belichick was using him and he provides some depth. The only reason the Bears let him go is they had moved on from him because when he had the second injury (Achilies I think it was) they by chance found a younger player that excelled. It wasn't anything against him it just happens some times.  
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    Merriweather if you remember was talked about as a big CB that could play CB or Safety and I think that in itself tells you FS would be a better fit then SS for him.
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    Sam Aiken is a lock on this roster

    cant see Merriweather not a starter... he will keep getting better
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    i have heard that theres some speculation that mcgowan was an issue in the locker room as the season progressed
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to Meriweather, to think that he will be anywhere but on the field in Week 1 just ignores everything about BB.  Not only does he talk up Meriweather constantly during the season, but he played the MOST snaps of anyone on defense.  

    Personally I think the hate is ridiculous for a 25 year old safety who has caused 14 turnovers in two years for a team sorely lacking them, and is improving.  However, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  But hoping that he doesn't play doesn't mean he won't.  BB loves him and he will be on the field for virtually every defensive snap this season, barring injury. 
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    In Response to Patriots 53 man roster as of right now:
    Stone Cold Locks= Blue Likely= Green Bubble= black Practice squad= Orange/ Red is the 9th PS position allowed by NFL rules for a player that lives outside the US.   53 Players minus the Practice Squaders. QB: Brady, Hoyer , Robinson RB: Morris, Taylor , Faulk , Maroney , Green TE: Crumpler, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Agnone WR: Moss, Holt, Price, Edleman, Tate, Stanbeck OT: Light , Vollmer , Kaczur, Welch, Bussey OG: Mankins , Neal ,  Connoly , Wendell C: Koppen , Larsen , Connoly Dline: Wilfork, T. Warren , G. Warren , Pryor , Wright, Brace, Deaderick, Weston  ILB: Mayo , Spikes , McKenzie , Guyton OLB: TBC , Cunningham, Crable, Murrell, Alexander CB: Bodden, Butler, McCourty, Springs,  Wilhite, Wheatley S: Merriweather, Chung, Sanders, McGowan K: Gostokowski P: Zoltan (the great), Aussie Punter is eligable for 9th spot per NFL rules due to he lives outside the US . LS: Jake Ingrahm KR: Slater   Now, looking at this there are two weak areas as I see it right now... RB and OLB. And spots like O-line that could get better but are good enough for one more year if need be. I think this is a pretty solid 53 man Roster with some tallent on the PS.  Thoughts?
    Posted by DaBlade

    Overall good analysis DaBlade. Only disagreements are:

    WR I think Aiken for special teams and blowouts only
    OLine I think Kaczur is in along with Ohrnberger
    Dline: Brace won't be on the bubble

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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    I had been meaning to do this, but someone else started a board and I didn't want to cramp his style.  Here's my depth chart with thoughts.  I may have forgotten someone ...

    QB Brady, Hoyer, Robinson(ps)
    -> Developing QB's is smart on multiple levels
    -> Hopefully that Brady guy develops into a decent QB (jk lol)

    RB: Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, Maroney?
    -> I wonder how many more chances Maroney will get
    -> I also wonder who would carry the load if Maroney is cut
    -> Taylor, Morris, and Faulk are all 30+

    H-Back: Aaron Hernandez
    -> Methinks he'll be used more like an H-Back than a TE

    TE Gronkowski, Crumpler
    -> Crumpler is there in case Gronk isn't ready to take over at the start of the season, also makes jumbo set pretty imposing

    WR: Moss, Holt, Welker, Edelman, Aiken, Price / Tate
    -> Holt will be the other wideout so Welker and Edelman can play in the slot and away from the line of scrimmage like God intended
    -> Welker and Edelman will only be wideouts (the WR on the outside matched up against other teams' #1 or #2 corner) if Gronkowski or Crumpler are in the game and on the line of scrimmage
    -> Aiken: special teams captain...
    -> I think Tate's best chance to contribute is special teams, but he gets cut or put on IR or put on practice squad if he falters
    -> I don't think they cut Price after spending a 3rd rd pick on him, so it looks like there might be 6 receivers

    LT: Light / Vollmer
    -> Sooner or later, Vollmer will start, could platoon again

    LG: Mankins, Connolly, Ohrnberger
    -> Mankins will show up for his contract year; hoping for extension

    C: Koppen, Connolly
    -> Connolly looks like the utility interior lineman

    RG: Neal, Connolly, Ohrnberger
    -> I wonder if Ohrnberger will be ready to take over in the next year
    -> Neal's injury history means that depth here is especially important

    RT: Kaczur / Vollmer
    -> If the future doesn't happen now at LT, it might usurp Kaczur at RT


    LE: Ty Warren, Mike Wright, Deadrick / Weston (ps)
    -> Wright comes in on passing downs
    -> Deadrick and/or Weston to practice squad; one might be cut

    NT: Wilfork, Wright, Brace, Pryor
    -> Based on last season, Wright is a super-sub
    -> Hoping that Brace can step up this year

    RE: G. Warren / Pryor, Brace, Deadrick / Weston (ps)
    -> Gerard Warren on running downs with Pryor on passing downs
    -> Hoping that Brace can push GW for the job
    -> I think either Deadrick or Weston will end up on the practice squad

    ROLB: Ninkovich, Cunningham, Woods(st)
    -> Cheering for the youth movement; Ninkovich is a good anchor but a mediocre pass rusher

    Mike: Mayo / Spikes, McKenzie, Alexander(st)
    -> I'm NOT implying that Spikes will take Mayo's job
    -> Based on my experience, I tend to think that Mike is the MLB on the strong side and fills in first on run plays to stuff the lead blocker, which would be better for Spikes if he really isn't a speed demon (on film he's fast enough, but not fast)
    -> They might sub for Spikes on passing downs if he's slow, although he was smart enough to record (5?) interception returns for TDs in college

    Will: Mayo, Guyton, McKenzie
    -> Mayo would then play the MLB spot on the weakside where he could flow to the ball after the other MLB fills the hole

    WOLB: Banta-Cain, [Crable], [Murrell]
    -> My impression is that weakside OLB is smaller and faster even in 3-4 defenses
    -> I don't expect much from Crable, but he's an athlete who's definitely fast enough to pursue plays from the weakside and possibly get the edge in pass rush
    -> I have no clue who Murrell is and anything from him is money in the bank

    CB1: Bodden
    CB2 Butler
    Nickel: Wilhite
    Dime: McCourty
    Sub: Springs
    -> From what I've seen, cornerbacks don't really come into their own until their second season; I'm looking for that from Butler who now has McCourty breathing down his neck
    -> Wilhite might not be a #1 or #2, but he has the footwork to be good against smaller, more agile slot receivers (Hester and Harvin)
    -> I'm trying to lower expectations from McCourty in his rookie year, but maybe he'll compete right from the start
    -> If Butler and McCourty can't do it, Springs starts as #2; I like his size and experience against bigger receivers

    SS: Chung, Sanders, McGowan
    -> McGowan would still the TE specialist, but he needs to improve in zone coverage
    -> Sanders is reliable, but Chung is more athletic and will hopefully take the reigns this year

    FS: Merriweather, Sanders
    -> I like the speed of the secondary if Chung and Merriweather earn starting spots

    K: Gostowski

    P: Mesko

    KR: Tate, McCourty, Price, Maroney, Slater?
    -> A lot of bodies hopefully means one turns into a good returner
    -> This unit stunk last year 

    PR: Edelman, Tate, McCourty, Price, Faulk, Welker
    -> I'm hoping somebody takes over for Welker
    -> Faulk still catches when they need the best hands & judgment

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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    I think Cunningham is an OLB lock, especially on passing downs.  He's going to be an excellent blitzer by early September.  Nobody can lock onto him, nobody can catch up to him with his explosion, he can bull rush tailbacks and tight ends, plus he can drop into coverage a little.  Rushing the QB is a really fast learning curve, just go in and rush.  Pierre Woods will still hold the fort on running downs but will gradually lose first down time to Cunningham by November.
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    its interesting to look at the team as a whole like that. i think crable is a cut for sure, and brace is safe for sure (at least for this season). i also think that one guy most of you are forgetting about is levoir. my understanding on him last season is that they are high on his potential, and i thought he looked good when he got on the field. 
    but i think there will be some more changes over the next several weeks. gil brandt said on nfl radio that there will be a ton of veterans getting cut over the next few weeks, because there will be no salary cap implications obviously for vut players, and many teams are looking to shed salary in general. so i think some talent will be out there and hopefully we will grab some at OLB and DE. i also think branch will end up back here which would be bad news for tory holt.
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    Re: Patriots 53 man roster as of right now

    oh another guy i think people are forgetting is kyle arrington. he came on as a really good special teams player (i think he may have led the team in special teams tackles despite only being on the team for half the season). i think he even got into some games as a dime back. he's the guy that wheatley and slater could be battling for a roster spot...but i just get the sense that the coaching staff likes this guy. clearly special teams are a priority to upgrade, and he looked good there. that montana state kid sounds like he could be a special teams type too, although that is speculation obviously.