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Patriots already imrpove interior pass-rush

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    Re: Patriots already imrpove interior pass-rush

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    That's about what a vet min contract is and the Pats release them all the time. Not sure if that's a sign of cracking the roster, however, given Pryors injury history and similar positions this seems like a replace Pryor for Armstead and see if he works prove it type of deal


    Yeah I kind of agree, really I thought it would be for a larger number than that - more along the lines of what a second rounnd pick would get. Kind of makes me wonder how good this guy is and if maybe I'm getting excited over nothing.



    Well on talent alone he's worth getting excited about. MB and I did a lot of study on the guy last year as a late round gem. He was a major blue chipper going into college but never lived up to the hype. He has a ton of potential and freakish athletic ability but how many times have we heard that about a prospect that failed? I'd take it as it is a free day 2 pick with very high upside and extremely low risk. If it clicked and he suddenly got it in the CFL then it will be a steal of a signing but you can never plan for that and hope to continue to win. Right now I'd treat him as a camp body in a fight with Pryor as a sub pass rusher role. With any luck he shows something similar to Francis and works into the rotation but camp is a far way away and they need to plan for the worst with these signings not hope for the best.


    I just watched a bunch of highlight videos and his predraft workout, I've got to say I came away very very impressed. I don't think I've been that impressed watching videos since they drafted Vollmer. This kid is big and he moves really well at that size..he's got balance and some really good quickness for a 300 pounder. His arms are long and he is always moving them. Despite his height, he doesn't just stand straight up and lose all his power. I like that he fought through some adversity and ended up playing in Cananda with full grown men - I've got to think spending the offseason here will only improve him more.

    To me he looks like a second round pick, easy. Really I don't think this kid would of made it out of the second round as it stands now, with health concerns behind him and the experience in the CFL. I really don't think you're going to find many guys that move like him at his size in the third round or lower.

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    Re: Patriots already imrpove interior pass-rush

    I'd still try to take a big, strong DT (NT actually) in the first. Pats is nothing if VW goes down. With the Pats' luck with injuries in the playoffs, they need a good back up who could be next to VW every now and then.