Patriots and Abraham Set to Resume Talks

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    Re: Patriots and Abraham Set to Resume Talks

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    Albert Breer @AlbertBreer 40s

    Free agent John Abraham will be visiting Denver on Thursday. Dumervil and Freeney also in the mix there.




    Great! Why does Manning get all the pass rushers!???  BB better get his on his horse and keep horseface out the SB!  Its one thing to lose Wes, its another for Horseface to have all the pass rushers!  I still dont understand how BB took the Colts blueprint but NEVER adressed a REAL PASS RUSH!  The only reason Horseface had success over the years is because the offense was setup to score quickly and get the lead on teams. Once the team was behind they would have to pass and Freeney and Mathis would pin their ears back, the QB would be running for his life and the Cots are able to maintain leads. Weve seen it with Brady in 06' trying to come back with only T.Brown as a viable WR.  Sooooo, in 2007, BB decides to sell his soul and GO OFFENSE. Sets records,most points,etc and had the highest margin of victory but as teams caught on, we scored less and less and now here we are in 2013!!!! After 2 SB losses DIRECTLY CORRELATED TO NOT GETTING PRESSURE and here this guy is still being a freeking Cheapskate in regards to getting a pass rush! Guy gives a bum like Arrington 4mill and yet Abe is probably out there looking for 2.5 milly and cant get it from us. This is what p*sses me off. Its one thing to not have the resources but WE JUST took our 1st succesful "pressure" this past year. Didnt BB know Pass rush was the most important factor to supporting a juggernaght offense that scores alot?? and to add Insult to Injury, this past year he tries to scale it back and RUN more which caused us to score less in the playoffs and THAT didnt work because you cant have a BALL CONTROL offense with a swinging door Defense that cant get off the field! Its completely COUNTER Productive and we call this guy a Genius!?!??!   Hmmp!

    Ok, rant over, carry on.


    Calm down. They don't have the cap room. I'd rather have Abraham over Freeney. Abraham is just seeing if he can get more, which he won't.


    Denver doesn't have much cap room. Looks like Denver's deal for Dumervil is less than Baltimore's.

    BB will get who he wants.


    Hasnt happened yet, Dont know why you are so sure that BB will get his guy this year. year after year he passes on oppty's to really put this team over the hump and now hearing reports that Denver is looking at the same guys??  Cap room my *ss, if they want Freeney or Abe, its not exactly 8 million they are getting. Abe should have never left without a contract. Seems most people think BB messed up the Goldson situation too with us being able to get him at 2.5/yr 2 years ago and he ended up cashing in so in hindsight, we probably messed that up too. Im glad you like BB locking up special teamers because they know the patriots way and overlooking real impact players that can help.  Pass rush right now is the only determining factor IMO needed to get us over the hump, despite you thinking its brady. If we screw this up and come back with T.Scott and J.Francis who did ZILCH against Bmore after getting fans excited about sacks vs Buffalo, I will be perturbed! Every accolade Arrington has recieved also came against Buffalo!  lol....   Keep propping up BB as a genius and Brady as the scapegoat instead of the "G.O.A.T"  and we will see what the world has to say once they both retire



    on point and i agree on goldson and abraham.


    jsut a little too conservative (for his and the teams own good) in all dealings (on the field and all the way around).

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    Re: Patriots and Abraham Set to Resume Talks

    wouldnt complain about either abraham or freeney....but as its looking now, pats will probobaly sign abraham and donkeys will probobaly sign freeney.

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