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Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    For the most part I agree.

    Though it wasn't just Brady, as with Romo in week 1 Brady blew this game, imo. Deflections happen and create ints but Brady can't throw 4 ints 3 of them being inside the 20's. If he had only thrown 1 less int they could have won the game.

    There was zero pass rush yet again this game. The secondary stinks but the pass rush stinks even worse right now. What happened to this pass rush that looked so good this pre-season?

    For me it all comes back to the draft and drafting a pass rusher. Every year people complain about not drafting one early and every year we get killed by people saying BB knows what he's doing and doesn't need to spend high in the draft for a pass rusher. I bet a lot of people are wishing we spent a 1st on at least 1 pass rusher in the last 3 years.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    always a great job on the report card Pat. 

    I disagree with only one thing, not sure if I'd give Brady an F, unless it was Brady that called so few running plays for Ridley. More running would have been good to see. Anytime your offense puts up 31 points you should win the game, and at least two of those interceptions were flukey, not blameless, but flukey. I'm not saying Brady played great, but I'd say a D would be the grade, or D-. I'd save an "F" for when the offense puts up 14 or less points. Other than that, pretty much agree down the line.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    I was curious to see your report card today.  While certainly 4 int's is reason for an F, Brady did put numbers on the board.  It's not like he got shut down and wasn't able to lead the team to the endzone.  He made enough plays and they scored enough points to clearly win a game.  I'm putting the loss on the Defense.  They can't rush the QB, they can't cover a receiver, they can't stop the run. They allowed way to many points.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Not sure how the D Line got a C. No sacks and no pressure on Fitzpatrick all day. The most he got hit in the game was kneeling at the goaline to ice the game.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Hey Tex. Yep a nauseating loss for the PATS. The 2nd half was brutal. Brought back bad memories. The team looked like it was sleep walking thrugh the 3rd quarter. (with the exception of Wes Walker, and Gronk is amazing)
    A couple of thoughts- do fans really need to expect Ocho to "mature" into his role on the team?  Holy cripes, the man is a seasoned professional- playing like a rookie. Don't get it, and as happy as he has been to join the PATS, it's not been exactly a happy time for the team having him join the PATS in such a key position.
    Doesn't look like this was a good move by BB.
    And I echo your question- where was Deion?????

    On grades- I don't think Brady deserved the F.  Yes, for Brady being Brady it was probably an F, but in the biggger picture, I'd give him a C-.  387 yards and 4 TDs are nothing to sneeze at, even with the 4 (ouch) interceptions. Ocho had a hand (or not!) in two of the passes going awry.
    I do think Ridley would have helped if he was played more. Not sure who to point the finger at for that. But sure there is a lot of finger pointing going on today..

    And I point a finger at the coaching staff, with the buck stopping at BB.  I give the coaches a much lower grade than you, a big fat D. As in- when are you ever going to get serious about building a D with depth, skill, and talent?
    Yes, players need to execute, but I was not impressed with the lack of adjustments in both offense and defense after the half.  So tired of seeing he secondary get burned. Tired of hearing "bend but don't break" defense. They broke.
    Bill was outcoached in this game. Brilliant and excuriating use of  the play clock to win the game by Bills. And our Bill lost his mind. Too little too late.

    Fred Jackson is impressive. I too will look forward to the Bills at Gillette.  I don't think we'll be seeing a sloppy game in the rematch.

    And now on to the Raiders. Hoo Hah!
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    The defense is absolutely horrible.  Blame goes squarely on Belichek in my eyes. Bad players, bad drafting, lack of a first rate D-Coordinator, old-fat- slow -retreads of a defensive line does not cut it in todays NFL.   I think BB is a good coach, but I also saw that all his  Superbowl wins came with a core of tremendous defensive players.  I also realize that most of them were drafted by Parcells, not Belichek.  Belichek is supposed to be a defensive genius, but we've been aweful, truely aweful on defense for that past 3-5 years.   Too bad...we have an all-world QB whose wasting the best years of his career because they can't stop anyone on defense. 

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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    I actually agree with the "F" for Brady. One can try and blame Ochocinco for one of those with a bad route, but I don't see it that way at all...he simply wasn't open, and the pass looked like it sucked to me. The INT to Gronk was the same....el sucko!! Big yards or not Brady threw some bad passes that were huge turnovers.

    Please someone tell me why O'Brien is handing the ball off to Edelman in the backfield when we have guys like Ridley who are chomping at the bit to run over someone? This kid runs hard, and in my eyes, runs a LOT harder than BJGE. Give him a chance!!

    The Defense....hmmmm....I'm really trying to stay patient, and see if these guys can gel into something special. I have to admit, my patience is wearing thin. Yes it's only week 3, but seriously how can we possibly look like we did in the pre-season rushing the QB, and then it appears like we are almost scared to be aggressive, and start calling more blitzes. And I wish (anyone) had an answer for Bodden & McCourty. McCourty looks like he has zero confidence, and Bodden seems to be a step or two behind everyone he covers. What the heck happened to these two? They are so much better than this!!
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    the D was missing a few regulars  so i cant totally fault them   DMC and bodden got torched today    what happened to the agressivve D we saw inthe preaeason?
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    It think BB deserves a D, not good, not good at all, huge implosions. 34-10 at the end. That's coaching.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    good post, but i disagree our problem is talent, atleast on offense  it aint.

    Look at the Raiders.....playing with a bunch of 7th round and undrafted Wr's and even Buffalos WR's are nobodys after S.Johnson who is also a late pick
     we got plenty of talent even w/out # 81 on the field, but the playcalling is only good at getting leads.  The playcalling cannot help us to hold leads...which is a joke at this level....
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Good grading for the game played yesterday. I also put this loss on Brady and the secondary, as I wrote on another post after the game. I thought TB might have been playing hurt, as he threw poorly in a similar fashion while playing injured. I attributed two of the four interceptions to Brady's poor throws.
    Oh well, it is hard to win all the regular season games (only done twice to my knowledge).
    This one was disappointing because the game was in the bag at halftime...who amongst us was complaining at half-time. The team unraveled in the second half. I think they should have run the ball more in the second half. The run game was abandoned. I am not sure if that decision was Brady's or O'Brien's. 
    I have watched a lot of football in my life and not many teams can sustain greatness for more than a decade. Eventually time and success catches up with you and there is a spiraling downturn. Then a rebirth if you are lucky. I am still happy to be a Patriots fan.
    We stunk the place up in the second half of yesterday's game. Ocho doesn't seem to be doing much for the team....he has had sufficient time to start making meaningful contributions. His game is showing either his lack of ability to learn or play. It is a shame because Boston could be a great town for him if he is successful.
    Overall...the team farted yesterday and when you lose a game in a blowout you get a "F". The second half was a blowout and they deserve the "F"
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD:
    Too bad...we have an all-world QB whose wasting the best years of his career because they can't stop anyone on defense. 
    Posted by RiceintheHall

    So TRUE! its ridiculous now. A top rate Defensive Coordinator is desperately needed, along with a jacked up defense!
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD :
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Sheard and Reed to name 2, both available at 28 and 33. And not to mention Cam Jordan...
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Good report card. I agree this one is on Brady. No defense can overcome a 4-interception performance.

    Though Ocho did not have a good game (dropped TD), I would lay the blame for his int on Brady. Did he NOT see the defender cutting under 85?

    Hopefully, this is Brady's 'bad game' of the year.

    I thought our D again played 'bend, but (try to) not break' and did reasonably well until the second half. When your QB is giving away ints like free samples, it is hard to stay motivated.

    Our D is defenitely in the bottom 10% of the league, but this game, unfortunately, is on TB and play-calling.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Brutal, but needed.  A wake up call for the Pats to stay FOCUSED for 60 minutes.  They could have easily broken the game wide open and totally deflated the Bills at the half.  I am certain when the Pats went up 21 - 0, the overall feeling in that stadium was..  "here we go again!" and the game announcers were probably conceding the game to the Pats already.  As you noted, the D forced Buffalo into enough 3 and outs to win the game but the offense, particularly Brady, just didn't have it for the entire game.  My biggest question now..  After three weeks of really dismal performances by the pass D, when will BB get them defending?
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Bills were going to beat them at some point, its near impossible to run the table on a division rival for this long.  Judging by the reaction this was the biggest win in Buffalo in over 10 years.  Another example of how good Pats fans have had it over the last decade.

    The current team has no margin for error.  If Brady is off they lose, its that simple.  The offense is tremendous but unbalanced, the defense is below average.  Looking around the league, they have enough offensively to hang with anyone butthe lack of playmakers on D probably spells another quick exit in post-season.  Steelers, Packers, and Ravens all have serious chinks in the armor but have guys that can make plays on D as well as big offenses.  At this point Pats are a tier below those 3 along with Jets and Saints.  Who is the playmaker on our D?  Mayo is turning out to be solid but unspectacular.  McCourty has taken 2 steps back.  Big Vince is great but his role is not a playmaking one.  Pats don't have a Woodson/Matthews, Suggs/Reed, Harrison/Polamulu pass rusher/secondary playmaker combo.  The league is all offense these days, but you still need to have explosive playmakers on D to change games.  Still a playoff team, fun to watch but just doesn't feel like a Super Bowl Champ.
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

    Tex, 2 of those Int's were not Brady's fault. the bounce of Woodhead hands and the bounce of the helmet of the Bills defender.  Brady's should get at least a "C"  The coaching and defense should all get an "F".
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    Re: Patriots @ Bills REPORT CARD

     Nice report. What's up with Woodhead? On the 1st pick it looked as if he didn't turn quickly enough. And I couldn't figuire out why they'd throw to him in the Red Zone anyway. On the Ocho pick it's his job to know where the guy covering him is and to break up the pass if he can't, in fact, catch it himself.
     Do you think that the defensive backfield should have known enough to let the Bills score a TD at the end? At that point, when they were already in field goal range, wasn't our only hope to let them score a TD quickly and then with 1:45 left Brady marches us down the field for the tying TD? It may seem counter intuitive but I think that's what we should have done.