Patriots @ Broncos REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Broncos REPORT CARD

    after that 1st quarter there is no way in the world that you would imagine the defense getting any b's but thats how much they turned it around. they went from being horrific to being pretty good over the course of the game. other than the hard sack on brady by dumervil the offensive line had their best game of the year. there wasn't much pressure on brady all day.
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    Re: Patriots @ Broncos REPORT CARD

    Hey Tex,

    Another solid job on the game report, you've missed your calling...

    I did get to watch this one and was almost sick to my stomach watching the Broncos march down the field at will in the first quarter. I thought I was watching a replay of the 2009 playoff game v the Ravens. While the defesnse did tighen up and do a better job in the final 3 quarters of keeping outside contain and stopped blitzing the inside backers. The 3 turnovers and our offenses abiltiy to move the ball and put points on the board in the end proved to be the difference.

    Regarding the 3 turnovers, the lack of ball security by the running back (Ball?) and Tebow (who both only had one hand on the ball) played a key role in our ability to knock them loose. Andersons play in particular was one for the ages in that he first ran down Tebow, while engaging him, knocked the ball loose, then had the athleticism to get off the ground and recover the fumble. Brace's forced fumble on Ball?, was a case of his going for the ball while the running back was engaged by another tackler. Which is now a textbook fundemental at every level. In both instances, Anderson and Brace should be credited with making the play. I'm certain that Fox after looking at the film will talk to his boys about proper ball security moving forward.  The one on special teams was the only one that was a gift per say, but it's worth noting that it was third such occurance this year. Perhaps it might have something to do with the spin a lefty punter (Mesko) puts on the ball, opposed to the normal spin a right footed punted has?

    All in all the better team won, and a win on the road in a hostile envoirnment like Denver. against an opponant that was on a pretty run is worth noting.

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    Re: Patriots @ Broncos REPORT CARD

     Another good report! I don't think I would have given the RBs a B+, because the BJGE 10 rushes for 17 yards is just plain dreadful. A clear indication of the lack of confidence in the ability of this group to pick a short yardages was the 6 inch TD toss to Hernandez. There are those that trumpet that greatly improved defensive play after the awful first quarter but that's mainly because they weren't on the field very much, as a result of the turnovers. Finally, thanks for pointing out once again the insanity of rushing 3 guys. We have a crummy secondary, so we just give a QB more time to pick them apart. What's the point of that? I scream at the coaches everytime they do that, but somehow it hasn't seemed to get through to them. Maybe you'll have more luck. Oh, Hernandez did have a fine game but it all starts with Tom Brady and he was masterful. My play of the day was when Denver kicked the field goal rather than going for the 1st down on 4th and 1. Up to that time they were only averaging about 20 per carry! Happy Holidays
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