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Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    LOL. Not wasting anytime TPat huh?
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    Well T-Pat, you're usually a pretty tough grader, but for this game, I'd say you were grading on a huge curve.  I can't think of any phase of the game, or any unit, that deserved higher than an "F."  The OL was horrible - couldn't open a hole to save a RB's life, the only positive yards we gained on the ground were misdirection runs or runs that the Browns missed tackles on (which weren't many).  So for all the "F's" you gave - I hear you - I'm just a bit PO'd right now so my thinking may be clouded, but if I watched this game again tomorrow, I just can't rationalize anything better than an F for the whole team in every facet.
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    And I completely agree with the Report Card.

    Until we get another pass rusher, Wilfork will be the only threat on the line. We will continue to get run upon, and our young secondary will suffer. No pressure each week does nothing to help our secondary and magnifies the secondary's problems. The secondary might not be as bad as it is if they got a little help from our DL and LB.

    BJGE....I like him, but he doesn't have any vision. It is like he is a re tard who is told to run into the street. He isn't told not to get hit by moving cars cause you would assume he'd know that and avoid them. But because he is a re tard, he doesn't know any better and does exactly what he was orignally told to do. You can't be a successful RB in this league withour the ability to adapt to what is in front of you and make adjustments on the run. Woody has that vision, but doesn't have the body size to absorb what it takes to be a consistent grinder. He's good for occasional carries, but not as an every down back. I think for now, we are going to have to grin and bear BJGE's meaningless runs with Woody's sporadic carries.
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    That report card is a keeper. How you kept your wit and humor writing the sad facts is beyond me. But Thanks. This was a LOL moment-
    "There were times when Brady had enough time to write a couple of love notes to Gisele. "

    Agree with your grades and your take on the team's effort and skill today. If I were Bill I'd pull that hoodie over my head and keep face covered for the trip home. Bad mojo with the Browns and mangini combo. Jeeze. His pride took a hit. That was an old fashoined thrashing.

    TB was off... and the rookies made too many drops, too many times. Bad combo.
    The rest of the parts that make the team- virtually non-existent. You said it all.

    Woodhead and Welker were my bright spots. Had to smile watching Wes trot out and kick.

    Now they can dish out that humble pie and all should take heaping helpings.

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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    Well, Tex, at least you were thoughtful about it...I would have issued an F- across the board, but your grades appear right.

    Thing is, I think every team in the AFC is capable of laying an egg like this, so while the Pats clearly have a long way to go, I still think they are a legitimate SB contender, considering the parity across the league.

    Time will tell.
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    why not an F- for everybody cuz they played like shhitt
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD :      Grading on a curve?? The defense, TEs and WRs, special teams, and coaches all got "F" for the DL...they got an "F-"! No break on that "curve-ball", as far as I can tell.      As for the offense, part of the problem was that they had the ball for less than 22 minutes...and the Gronkowski fumble cost the "O" a TD...after a pretty nice drive.
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Pat - I hear you and I was guilty of venting my spleen a bit - but even after a couple of hours of after-thought - I still couldn't muster anything higher than an "F' overall - LOL :).  I will say this - your post is a grunch-ton more rational/thoughtful and I could muster.  And yes, after this beat-down and 10 or so of my favorite beers I readily admit that I'm a bit too "sensitive" at this juncture of the evening - LOL :)
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    In Response to Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD:
         BROWNS BEAT CLOWNS, appears to be an appropriate headline for this utter fiasco. This putrid performance by the Patriots should cause all talk of this team being a legitimate SB contender to cease. This is a game that you can stack up beside the 33-14 physical blow-out losses to the Ravens, and the 21-0 shellacking handed the "Boys in Blue" by the Miami Dolphins, in December of 2006. Nothing about this eFFort was in any way redeeming. It was, in fact, just made worse, as the Lions gave away a late 20-10 lead to the hated Jets...allowing them to tie the game, and win in OT. Here are my grades:      A.) OFFENSE: A myriad of mistakes by this unit brought back memories of the Clive Rush days. This, against one of the statically worst defenses in the NFL. Of course, it doesn't help the cause when the offense is on the field for less than 22 minutes.  1.) QB: I can't remember when I've seen Tom Brady be so inaccurate, or look so unsettled. Sure, there were several drops and a very costly fumble after a reception in the red zone. But, Tom missed several open targets, and threw several passes that were low and behind his receivers. Though his numbers weren't bad, as he had no picks, and completed 19 of 36 passes for 224 yards, and two TDs...this clearly was not his finest hour: GRADE: D; 2.) RBs: Did BJGE show up today? Well, apparently, he was there in body, but not in he could only muster 14 yards on nine average of 1.6 yards per rush. Danny Woodhead was one of the few Patriots who was ready to play today, as he gained 54 yards on nine carries, and had two receptions for 38 more yards. Too bad Danny stood alone today in the effort category: GRADE: C; 3.) OL: Though the "Big Uglies" couldn't create much running room for their backs, they did an adequate job of protecting Tom Brady. They only allowed one sack and two hits on Brady for the entire game. There were times when Brady had enough time to write a couple of love notes to Gisele. Unfortunately, either Tom misfired, or his receivers failed to get open: GRADE: C; 4.) TEs and WRs: Rob Gronkowski showed today why veteran coaches prefer that rookies are not counted on. Gronk had a bad blocking day. As a receiver, he finished with four catches for 47 yards. One of those catches was a 22 yard play, which was the key play in the Pats' first TD drive. But, his special teams gaffe (further discussed below), and his unforgivable fumble in the closing moments of the first half at the Cleveland two yard-line, were killer mistakes. Had he held on to the ball at the two, the Pats likely would have scored a TD, and gone off at the half down by just 17-14. Instead, his fumble left the score at 17-7, and permanently turned the momentum of the game in the Browns' favor. No telling how this game might have turned out had he not have fumbled. Aaron Hernandez led the team with five catches for 48 yards, and two TDs. As for the WRs, Wes Welker continues to miss the presence of Randy Moss, as he had just four receptions for 36 yards. Brandon Tate and Deion Branch were so ineFFective that the team would have been better off if they had sat this one out: GRADE: F;        B.) DEFENSE: Today's eFFort was a flashback to those horrid September days, as the Pats made Cleveland RB Peyton Hillis look like the second coming of John Riggins...and made rookie Colt McCoy look like Drew Brees. The Browns' domination was so complete that they controlled the ball for 38 minutes.   1.) DL:  Cleveland RB Hiilis finished with 181 yards on 29 carries, scored two TDs, averaged 6.3 yards per catch 3 passes for 36 additional yards. Need I say more: GRADE: F-; 2.) LBs: Shoddy tackling the entire day, highlighted by Jerod Mayo's whiff on a sack of Colt McCoy...which ending up costing the Pats a TD. During the few times when the Patriots did tackle, they were usually far down field. The trio of Mayo, Spikes, and Banta-Cain accounted for about a third of the teams tackles. This group got no pressure on McCoy. The only thing worse was their pass the middle of the field was consistently wide open: GRADE: F; 3.) SECONDARY: McCoy finished with a spiffy 14/19, for 174 yards, no picks, and a 101.6 passing rating. Despite that, it's hard to put too much blame on the secondary, who was spending so much time trying to help slow the truck named Peyton Hillis. Nonetheless, they allowed McCoy to convert 7 of 13 third down attempts...and, along with the LBs, tackled horribly: GRADE: F;      C.) SPECIAL TEAMS:  Throughout this season, one of the high points of play from the Boys in Blue has been the play of their special teams. Not today. The aforementioned Gronkowski blunder gave the Browns the early momentum, and a easy TD, which increased their lead to 10-0. The second Gronk-clonk allowed the Browns to enter half-time up, 17-7...and gave them further momentum, which they never relinquished. Losing kicker Stephen Gostkowski to injury (reportedly a bruised thigh) certainly didn't help the cause. It forced the Pats into a squib kick mode, which gave the Browns great field position on every drive. The kick coverage and return coverage were both below parr all day: GRADE: F;       D.) COACHING : Sorry Bill, but the team didn't appear to be ready to play football today. The Pats were physically beaten in every phase of the game. Serious mistakes were made on offense, special teams, and defense (especially the poor tackling). As you stated in your post-game comments, its' time to go back to the drawing board and correct all phases in this, the worst performance by the Patriots since that 33-14 playoff pasting at the hands of the Ravens. BB had better get up...The Goths in Pittsburgh: GRADE: F;       E.) PLAY OF THE GAME: The Gronkowski fumble recovery at the Cleveland two preserved the Browns' 17-7 lead, and was a huge momentum changer ;       F.) PLAYER OF THE GAME: Cleveland RB Peyton Hillis.            Here are the woeful stats:      Thoughts?                  
    Posted by TexasPat3

           Tom Brady deserves an F like the rest of his teammates. If a rookie QB and cast off RB can cause us so much problems, what's going to happen when we come across Ben and Peyton down the road? Here we are eight games into the season and the improvement just isn't there.
    It should come as no surprise to anyone why the sports media (record notwithstanding) has said we're not the best team in the league.

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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD:
         What a horrible weekend for Pats fans! The Pats get drubbed by the lowly Browns, The Jets steal a win in Detroit, and now the Raiders are poised to take the Chiefs to OT!! Aughhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Posted by TexasPat3

    And the Raiders win......
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD :      @#%@$%#@#&%$#&&!!!!!!
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I am trying to make myself feel better after today by telling myself....... the Panthers lost!
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    LOTS and LOTS of problems for our favorite team!

    Brady is getting PLENTY of time to throw and can't get the ball down the field. Today he struggled to even hit the short routes. Either our receivers aren't getting ANY separation (hard to tell on tv) or Brady is not seeing the field well.

    Any running game we get is a bonus. BJGE and Woodhead are lucky to be BACKUPS in the NFL.

    And, for a combination of reasons, any QB we face is guaranteed to hit AT LEAST 70% of his passes.

    Our rush defense had been doing well the past few weeks, and now this.

    I don't envy you, coach Belichick!
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    good thing the c's are winning right now hopefully we will go 1-1 today!!!!
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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    Tex.. an appropriate game to throw "F" bombs all day long and your grades used them generously.  I may not have seen the game, but, from what I have read and from the box score... the Pats DID NOT show up at all.  Go figure.. they can go to MIA and WIN, go to SD and WIN, defeat a MIN team needing to win and then throw up when they face the 2 - 5 Browns.  How does a team go from looking so decent for 5 games then look so horrible out of nowhere?  Were they looking past the Browns somehow?  

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    Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Browns REPORT CARD : Young teams do that. 
    Posted by zbellino

    How many of those "young" players were reading the headlines and listening to the talking heads about the Pats this week, then thought the Browns would be an easy game knowing the Steelers and Colts are next in line?  Hopefully BB DOES NOT give them a day off!
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