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Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    i think you might be on to something saying that super bowl loss ripped off our cloak of invincibilty. it is so frustrating. this team NEVER lost when they led after the half. the last two years the story has been blown leads and poor second half play. and our 18 million dollar QB is major culprit. he played so well in the first half. making tight throws at high velocity only to su ck in the second half. he is starting to exude a donovan mcnabbish stench- just good enough to frustrate the fans
    i'd kill for a road win
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    In Response to Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD:

         1.) QB: Tom Brady ... GRADE: F 

    I do agree even though the first pick was not critical (one can see it as a well placed punt). What I really hate is Brady stubborn tendency to throw to Moss whenever the game is getting tight. I don't know if it comes from the coaching or directly from Brady but that's far too predictable! When Revis went out Cromartie always got safety help against Moss but Brady was still desesperately locking on him. It is hard to admit but that would maybe be a blessing if the Patriots do not re-sign Moss. All the other receivers (beside Crumpler) looked good but were seldom targeted. Why?

    Special kudos to Matt Light for his ole' block on Jason Taylor, causing Tom Brady to get hammered, and fumble. GRADE: D

    Just because of this blunder I would give a lower grade: it is NOT acceptable with the game on the line to allow an old and INJURED Jason Taylor to beat you on one-on-one for a strip sack. Man, that was a just 3 front VS 5 O-linemen: that stunk! Light is done, NE needs a new left tackle.

    DL: GRADE: F; 

    That's too low here. The DL scored 5 sacks that's not that bad. I found it more troubling that they couldn't even contain an aging LT. What killed the defense is that this time they could not produce any turn-over.


    Agree here. Ho man, it was hurting to see how Butler was victimized. So much for him being NE next all-pro corner. Ok, he got absolutely no satefy help (thanx Chung, Sanders and Merriweather) but he looked like a midget when compared to the guys he had to cover. While receivers and TEs are getting bigger, NE still drafts smallish DBs (yeah, with super fluid hips). There is not even ONE tall corner on that team and as we saw that could hurt on jump balls. The only positive sign in this mess is that the Jets avoided to throw at Mc Courty's side.


    If there would be a lower grade than F I would give it to the coaching. A you mentioned, it started to smell foul just before the half when the Pats let (without much resistance) the Jets score a FG, thus keeping the game tight. Where were the half time adjustements? Who is supposed to warn the players and motivate them? Is there no coach forbidding TB to throw stubbornly to Moss?
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    First of all they dont get a report card this week, they blew so bad they get a warrent for their arrest, the way they played was nothing short of a criminal act. How much is it going to sukk for fans here when they lose to the Bills and the Dolphins. How does 3rd place sound boys?
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    In the past I have argued with others on this board about not blaming Brady for a loss.  But I must admit this game is one that Brady has to take a big part of the loss.  His forcing the ball to Moss was ridiculous, especially when they needed seven or less yards for a 1st.

    But I still believe Brady is the best QB in the NFL, I just hope I don't see another repeat performance of this game.

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD :      Froggie...with regard to the DL...5 sacks?? The stat sheet lists three. Two of them came in the first half...and the third occurred very early in the 3rd quarter. 

    Hum, according to yahoo ( 5 sacks are listed but when I look at only 3 sacks are reported. I guess I better trust having the proper count. :-)
    The Jets just got 1 sack but a big one (forced fumble).
    The PATs defense didn't produce any turn-over that was the big difference in this game.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    you guys just stink and why waste so much tme writing about it?. JETS! JETS! JETS! JETS! Can't wait to come up to that toilet bowl u call a stadium and put u guys to bed for good. nite-nite tom!
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    I knew it. As soon as Light gave up the sack, people on this forum would be calling for his head. Other than that SINGLE PLAY, the O-line has given Brady ALL DAY to throw this year. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't been watching the first two games.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    In Response to Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD:
         Welcome back to the world of the new, New England Patriots. The new New England Patriots evolved from that awful SB loss to the NY Giants, which marred an otherwise perfect 2007 season. That loss shattered the cloak of invincibility that once shrouded this team, and its great QB. The magnitude of that loss was so great that, in order for the 2007, 18-1 team to carry on with their lives, they had to force-feed themselves to accept losing. This was the Genesis of the new New England Patriots.       Since then, with each passing season, the new New England Patriots have accepted, and grown accustomed to their new losing role. In 2008, Tom Brady appeared to be sleep-walking through game one against the dreadful Kansas City Chiefs at home...until he was rudely awakened by a lunging blow to his knee, ending his season.       In 2009, the Patriots developed the art of becoming the ultimate homers. They won all eight home games, and become the masters of tanking games in the second half on the road.      The Pats were vintage 2009 again yesterday in New York, against the hated Jets. In a game eerily similar to their 16-9 defeat from last September, the Patriots folded again in the second they were outscored by an embarrassing 18-0 count.       Meet the new New England Patriots, version 2010. Here are my grades: A.) OFFENSE: After completely dominating the first quarter, and the majority of the second, the new New England Patriots gradually fell back into their old, familiar pattern of play on the their play gradually deteriorated in the second half.      1.) QB: Tom Brady was amiss when, during his post-game comments, he stated, "we stunk". Correction, Tom stunk . Time to be a leader again, Tom, and accept personal responsibility for this stink-bomb. We're all getting tired of the post-game we'll get 'em next time rant. These second half melt-downs must end!       Want to know why the Patriot fans aren't super-charged with emotion, Tom? Because they've seen too many of these Patriot "performances" in recent years. They are tired of seeing their once great team repeatedly being humiliated during the second half of road games. These new New England Patriots have shown themselves not to be worthy of the fierce loyalty and passion that Patriot fans used to shower upon the "old" New England Patriots.       In this latest chapter in road game futility, Brady seemed to hold onto the ball for too long. He also threw his seemingly obligatory lousy long pass to Randy Moss, that end up getting picked.       While some pundits wondered aloud whether young Jets' QB, Mark Sanchez, would be confused by the BB defensive was Brady who appeared to be the young, inexperienced, confused hand. He completed just 20 of 36 passes for 248 yards, with two TD passes, two picks, and one fumble, after getting blind-sided in the 4th quarter by 53 year old Jason Taylor; GRADE: F       2.) RBs: So much for a balanced attack. Perhaps it's time for the new New England Patriots to come to the realization that, though a RB by committee plan can work...when each RB in the committee is age 33-34, they are not as quick, not as agile, and lack the stamina of their younger years.       The combined efforts of Kevin Faulk, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, and Fred Taylor accounted for a meager 52 yards on 20 carries. It seems silly to expect the offense to be carried by a handful of 34 year old men: GRADE: F;       3.) OL: I listed three keys for success in my pre-game analysis. They were: 1. containing the Jets' running game; 2. getting some pressure on Mark Sanchez and; 3. doing an adequate job of protecting Tom Brady. Unfortunately, the Pats failed in all three areas.      For the most part, the Big Uglies did their the first half. But, these being the new New England Patriots, the wheels came off in the second half. Special kudos to Matt Light for his ole' block on Jason Taylor, causing Tom Brady to get hammered, and fumble. GRADE: D;       4.) TEs and WRs: As I predicted, Alge Crumpler and Rob Gronkowski were used for blocking purposes, more than anything else. Wes Welker had six receptions, but netted just 38 yards. Credit the Jets' defense for containing him. Randy Moss had only two receptions for 38 yards...but one was a beautiful, one-handed TD grab, on another of those all too familiar over-thrown Brady long balls.       Aaron Hernandez proved to be a factor, with six receptions for 108 he seemed to play more as a 3rd WR, than as a TE. But, his attrocious blocking must improve. Still, he appears to be on the road to becoming a solid contributor.      Don't blame Welker or Moss for their lack of production. They had no support, as Brady was awful, the Pats had no running game, and the OL did not protect as well as was hoped; GRADE: C+; B.) DEFENSE: You-all likely saw it coming after the Pats allowed a FG in the closing seconds of the first half. The tepid, 2009 defense was back...just as it was in the 4th quarter of the Cincinnati game...and the results were equally the Patriots allowed Mark Sanchez to look like Peyton Manning on steroids .      Please... I don't want to see one single solitary post about how the Patriots' defense was "gassed" in the second half. The only thing that gas had to do with the Pats' defensive performance was the foul smelling odor emitted by the Patriots' defensive players on the field.       Sometimes, when the offense is not going well...the defense has to step up. Remember those days, back in 2003-2004?           1.) DL: Solid the first half. But, unfortunately, each game has two halves. The team weakness at DE again shown the front three, and front seven in general, could not stop the Jets pop-gun offense by air, or on the ground. The Jets ran 32 times for 136 average of 4.3 yards per run. If that stat makes you sick, try this one on for size...LT ran 11 times for 76 yards!! If Logan Mankins can play DE, the Pats should sign him immediately; GRADE: F;       2.) LBs: Jerod Mayo showed once again that he's not a leader, or a star. In this huge, emotionally charged game, he chipped in with a very pedestrian five tackles. ILB Brandon Spikes was solid, leading the team with nine (9) tackles, including five solos. Rob Ninkovich continued hustling, and looks to be a good role player. But, once again, the OLBs, aside from Tully Banta-Cain, were invisible.       Wonderful missed tackle by last Sundays' hero, Gary Guyton, which sprung the hated LT on a 31 yard jaunt, setting up the Jets' go-ahead TD. No run containment...little pass-rush...poor pass coverage.      To all you Patrick Chungsters/"how come we can't find a good OLB in the draft" types...Green Bay OLB Clay Matthews had another monster game, and is already being touted as a candidate for "Defensive Player of the Year". GRADE: D;       3.) SECONDARY: Don't you-all love that soft zone that the Patriots always seem to play in the 4th quarter? Darius Butler made me long for the days of Ellis Hobbs with his horrific play. Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller both schooled what was by far his worst performance as a Patriot. It was disturbing to watch Mark Sanchez zero in on him throughout the second half. Should this continue, the Patriots might have to draft yet another CB in the first round in the 2011 draft.      Patrick Chung can hit, and is a sure tackler. But, as I pointed out repeatedly during the pre-season, he has major issues in coverage.       Jets TE Justin Keller led his team with 7 receptions for 115 yards. That's an average of 16.4 yards per catch, folks!      For those of you who may claim that the secondary was "gassed" in the second half, breathe in these Jets QB Mark Sanchez completed 21 of 30 passes for 220 yards, three TDs, and no picks...for a 124 QB rating. Love that Patriots' defense!! GRADE: F       C.) SPECIAL TEAMS:  Brandon Tate continues to shine as a return man, averaging nearly 25 yards per return today. Good job by Julian Edelman with a pair of 13 yard punt returns. The Patriots' kick coverage was good, as usual.       There's got to be growing concern over the performance of Stephen Gostkowski. Any kick outside of 35 yards has been an adventure for him, thus far. His 37 yard first quarter FG miss was a point taker and a momentum breaker...and is unacceptable.       Zoltan "The Magnificent" has a solid day on the job, averaging 48 plus yards per punt. GRADE: C-;         D.) COACHING: The Jets were able to hold the Patriots scoreless in the second half, hold the ball for two-thirds of the half, score 18 points of their own...and were able to do this without their all-world CB, Darrelle Revis. One has to wonder why this happened yet again??      Why has BB has been unable to cure his teams' second half road blues...which has gone on ever since the above discussed SB loss...when the Pats "D" allowed the not so great Eli Manning to march his team 83 yards in the games' final two minutes, for a game winning TD.      Why do these calamities always seem to happen on the road? Is it poor coaching, lack of talent, lack of motivation, lack of heart, lack of desire, lack of intensity, bad defensive schemes, or a lack of confidence? Based on how this has become such a chronic problem for the new New England Patriots, I have to believe that it's a combination of all of the above.      Whatever the reason, SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE...AND FAST!!! I for one am sick and tired of the new New England Patriots.   GRADE: F          E.) PLAY OF THE GAME:  With the Jets trailing 14-10 midway in the 3rd quarter, facing a 3rd and one, from their own 12 yard line...Mark Sanchez hit TE Dustin Keller on a deep sideline pass for 39 yards and a drive sustaining first down...keeping what would be a TD drive alive.         F.) PLAYER OF THE GAME:  Mark Sanchez...high marks also for Dustin Keller.       Thoughts on this debacle?? Here are the horrid game stats:               
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Excellent recap.  Back to the future (unfortunately).  I think you were a little hard on the TEs, although you grouped them with the WRs, so I understand.  If not for some TE blocking Brady would probably be on his back more often.
    Also, I did not think Rob Ninkovich played as well as you say.  One particular screen he had a chance to chip the back before making a straight line to Sanchez (I think it was LT, not sure). 
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    Overall, I think the Pats performance was absolutely disgusting. This goes from the coaching staff all the way down to the individual play of Brady, Butler, etc., etc.

    As a unit, I thought the offensive line played OK. They allowed 1 sack and it appeared that they gave Brady sufficient time to pass, Brady just made some poor decisions on those 2 forced balls to Moss. Sure they didn't open up a lot of running lanes, but I already resigned myself to this before the game. 

    There is blame to be spread all over the field on this one, that I agree with TexasPat. As you suggest, the Pats have morphed back or perhaps they never left, into the 2009 Pats...Good at home, lousy on the road, asleep in the 2nd half.

    I think we all knew coming into the game that the Pats run game wasn't going to put up anything significant. So, I'm not surprised that our aging backfield didn't produce against a stout Jets run defense. 

    2 things that surprised me....
    1. What did surprise me is Brady's still trying to force it to Moss on short down and distance, and the lack of really utilizing our TE's other than Hernandez in this game who was really more of a WR in the way he lined up. I thought we had a chance to exploit the Jets middle and didn't capitalize on it enough. 

    2. The overall play of the defense....Was this the same defense that contained Carson Palmer and company last week? The same defense that looked energized, moved around, made plays, etc.?....Honestly, we looked completely different from last week and I don't know if it is scheming or just a bump in the road due to youth. Sanchez and BEdwards are not pro-bowlers, and we made them look that way yesterday. We relied too much on pressure from the front 3-4 guys, and I didn't see a lot of aggressive play, but a more conservative approach that exposed our DB's, in particular Butler.

    So after the game I am left with 2 big question marks....
    1. of the 2 games we have seen so far, who is the real Patriots defense? The one we saw against Cincy, or the one from yesterday against the Jets? 

    2. Can Tom Brady step up and lead this team through 2nd halves of games like he did when he was the younger, pre-hollywood TB? If the defense needs time to gel, then Tom and the offense need to carry this team through the 1st half of the year...that means keeping the defense off the field and grinding it out...not long balls to Moss on short down and distance.....dink and dunk style, and spreading it around, mixing in the run. 

    We will see what this team is made of in the coming weeks. 

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    I think you should take a day, cool off and try this again.  This isn't your usual well thought out analysis.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    The Patriots need to add a running back that is in his twenties. Marshon Lynch
    in Buffalo would be a good addition.

    The running game was no where to be found the Jet's put 7 in coverage yesterday and Brady hasd no one to throw to.

    Green Ellis is not the answer also.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    mental toughness... to overcome adversity when the game is on the line....  that is a learned skill of which (it seems) the jests and the fish both have.... and we used to have but do not currently...

    so until we prove we have it and can win tough close games on the road...we are just an another team...
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    Totally agree with all of your thoughts and I'd like to add a few of my own.  I think I would fall off my chair if I actually saw a screen pass, a reverse or a flea flicker.  Where is the creativity and originality in calling offensive plays?  Apparently all we can do is run into the middle - or if that doesn't work - throw a bomb to Moss.  And was I the only one screaming at my TV to take Darius Butler out of the game?
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    TP - I'm becoming a firm believer that the signing of Randy Moss was a mistake and began the decline of Brady as a superstar quarterback. Yes, 2007 was nearly unbelievably special with Brady and Moss. But having Moss is now a liability for Brady. Brady used to be the guy spreading the ball around to whomever was the open receiver; every game someone new became the number one guy. Now this offense, except for the occasion where Welker catches them by the bunch, is almost exclusively Moss going deep and Brady forcing it into whatever coverage is on Moss, and increasingly with disasterous results. Combine this over-reliance on Moss with the poor coaching and play-calling of O'Brien, and there you have your receipe for disaster week in and week out against better squads. Yes, you will still have the weeks where everything goes great and Tom and Randy are wonderful, but when was the last time that happened against a good team?
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    But on the plus side, we got rid of Maroney.

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD


    Nice analysis.

    I am not as comcerned about the defense although it is clear that  the defensive backfield will take their share of lumps and make mistakes that are typical of their inexperience.  And the pass rush is not capable of putting pressure on the QB for an entire game.

    I am manily concerend about the Golden child - Tom Brady..  Yesterday's game revealed a distrubing trend.  Under throwing receivers and playing the part of a gun slinger taking out innocent civilians.  Last year he got a pass because he was coming off the injury.  What will be the excuse this year?

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    the Jets have a good Run D if derrick Mason could not  get going   we were not going to do much better, the O-line  was alright in pass protection they have only given up one sack in  2 games and it came yesterday. i agree that Tb fell in love with moss yesterday  and forced him the ball when he could have looked elswhere
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    pochen, wish I knew u would be at the game, would have loved to tailgate.  My we were outnumbered, more so than usual.

    This game is a perfect example of why I am hoping we dont extend/resign Moss.  I am NOT saying Moss isnt a great player.  But TB seems to want to focus on him and to a lesser extent WW.  However in the case of Moss, when the D is real good and tough, it causes Ints, missed passes and IMHO losses.  I want the SB winning O back with TB throwing to the open guy.  I am not saying not to replace Moss with a quality WR, not in the least.  I dont want the days of bug eyes back.  I want a very good, but not Moss like WR or 2 Wrs for TB.  Ones with low egos and that want to win and only care about winning.  I like the young guys we have, and want to see them develop.  I can see Tate and Hernandez being great with TB at the helm.  Price is a work in progress.  Edelman still has to develop and stay injury free.  He seems to get nicked up often.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    Pat, usually a fan of your posts but this is a thoughtless whine at best.
    Face it, 2007 is over and it has been for three years, personnel has changed drastically in that time, both on the field and among BB's braintrust.
    The defense is going to take some serious lumps and give up its share of points, period. 
    Offensively the Pats out-thought themselves, yesterday.  They went away from a very effective first half strategy to a get the ball to Moss at all costs in the second philosophy, and other than the touchdown catch Moss was terrible.  Seems he forgot that it is easier to catch a ball when you either use two hands or neglect the impulse to pull them in when going across the middle, he should have also pulled in the opening drive pass for a touch down.  
    The Pats have work to do.  But they will be contenders by the end of the year and will probably finish ahead of the Jets.  But. unfortunately, they will never again be the 2001-2007 Patriots - and that's just a fact.
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets REPORT CARD

    Seriously can you guys stop living in 04 and 07? The Pats will lose games Brady will look human at times. Your trashing the best QB this team will ever have for having one bad game. It happens you know should he be held accountable? Yes but this has nothing to do with fans or anything like that. Lions fans and KC fans must be tired of losing but guess what year in and year out they are rooting and even staying while their team is getting blown out.

    Get over the loss and act like a damn fan. Stop pouting and whining because Tom lost one game. We got the best coach and QB in the league its seriously sad to see how many actual fans this team has. 
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