Patriots @ Jets Report Card

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

    TEX< I agree with most of the assessment. I do not think the offensive line played bad at all. We faced a team that did exactly what they said they would and blitzed almost every down. Brady was not sacked once. Of course he was hurried and thats to be expected. The offensive play calling was the worst Ive seen in the past 10 years. Without exaggeration! 72 plays in a 3 wr set???? WHERE WAS K FAULK? Where was 2 TE set power run game? To play a 3 wr set you have to have 3 wrs who know the system. Galloway is what he is, a burner to stretch the field. He is not exactly a posession wr and it is only his 2nd game. Julians 1st game. I like the no huddle idea but we set Brady up to fail with the this 72 play formation. Defense looked pretty good considering no Mayo but this Jets offense is not spectacular. Yes Brady needs to step into his throws but Brady was not the problem yesterday. The problem yesterday was an ineffective gameplan on Sunday!
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

    Brady stunk.  

    The Offensive line would have a much easier time protecting Brady if they could establish a running game.  

    I wouldn't worry too much.  The defense for the first two weeks help opponents to less than 20.   Once the Offense starts firing on all cylindars that will be more than enough to win.

    We all expected Brady to come back and look great, he's struggling to find his rythym it seems.   Give him time.  
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

    Good report card, TexasPat3.  I give the Coaches an F grade for a poor game plan and failure to make in-game adjustments.

    Bellichick= F
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

    Stop sulking over the Jets loss and get ready for the dirty birds/Falcons. They're that good!
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

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    Tex, great as always. First, EVERY Pats fan needs to put away their "2007 Season" thoughts..  this is not that team!  As for the game.. True, the Jets pressured Brady almost all the time, Brady did do quite well to slip some of the pressure and, surprisingly, wasn't sacked ONCE!! He did have some pretty decent pocket presence, there.   I am certain many here thought there would be at least a couple sacks given the woes we see on the o-line.  You also don't mention some dropped passes at inopportune times, a few could have kept drives alive.  Also, what happened to some screen passes or sweep style running plays to make the Jets pay the price for jamming the line?  The Jets most likely felt the Pats would continue to try and beat them via the pass and weren't paying that price.  As for the D, it is tough to stop a team when they start at mid-field a lot and miss tackles, again!  If we said at the beginning of this season the Pats D would give up only 17 and 16 points in their first two games, how many would have taken that thinking the Pats would be 2 - 0?
    Posted by agcsbill

    Good point. there were several situations, especially towards the end of the game when the jests were sending everyong, that just screamed out for screen passes, yet, I don't recall seeing a single one. Why?
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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

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    Sanchez wasn't great. The Pats didn't blitz. Revis was the player of the game. Help or not, he shut down that side of the field.
    Posted by Caesar1177

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    Re: Patriots @ Jets Report Card

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    OFFENSE My guess is we are going to have a small wait on our hands on Tom coming around.  We have the Manning of last year to look at as an example.  So, I'm looking out to that 5 or 6 week window for Tom to get his act together. There are plays you can run against a heavy blitz package.  I didn't see too many of them done.  You should be able to have a successful running game against such a defense but ours was pretty much not there.  I don't know if the issue is with the offensive line or the running backs. Edelman made the Welker injury easy to deal with. DEFENSE The defense is much the same way as Tom.  So many new guys on the field.  I figured it would take about half the season for them to gel.  The lack of a pass rush is alarming though.  That's got to change. Guyton didn't attack the hole which shows his inexperience.  This isn't a bad thing because Bruschi had to learn the same way.  After a couple of years Mayo and Guyton will be something special.
    Posted by garytx

    This is the assessment I agree with the most. People have to understand that Brady can't just come back on a new knee and pick up right where he left off. He had an awful game but that was to be expected. Don't forget this is his first game against a blitz-happy D, and he did not do too well. He called the wrong protection a few times, was inaccurate, had faulty mechanism, and generally had a brainfaht of a game.

    Guyton is not supposed to attack the hole. We play a 2 gap defense, not a one gap. That being said, he is having trouble being a two-gapper.. he has to contain the blocker so that he can shed to either side. He did not do that on a few key plays that let the run by.

    Also people have to understand that Ryan doesn't call blitz all the time. That would be dumb. He does a mixture of blitz, rush, and feints to keep things off balanced.

    For example, that interception to Moss was a result of Brady calling the wrong protection, he fell for a weakside overload blitz feint and assigned his OL to protect left, and lo and behold that feint just drops back into coverage and the real blitz comes from the right side (where there was only Faulk to stop 4). Brady was fooled, pure and simple and threw the ball before Moss could get on the inside of the route he was running.

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