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Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

     You are giving the linebackers too high a grade. Did you see all those missed tackles. An easy interception does not make up for all that other ineptness. Several of the Sacks were simply because Roethlisberger holds on to the ball forever. At the end a sack was better than an incomplete pass for the Steelers so it's hard to get too happy about the last couple of sacks.
     Belichek really did a bad job today. Not only did he make bad strategic decisiones but the team was lifeless in that first quarter. The Steelers 2 score lead made the Patriots much more one dimensional than they wanted to be. The Steelers spread the Pats out in that first half and dominated.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    At what point shall we re-evaluate Ochocinco's value within the receiving corp? Clearly, the blame today should be spread evenly among the coaching staff..however, a viable deep threat would have reduced the number of defensive players playing close to/ up on the line of scrimmage.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Good Points I agree
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Brady = D looked like he was still vacationing in costa rica
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Agree with your comment about OCHO. He needs to go NOW. He is NOT helping a thing. He is a total bust. Get rid of him and get us some help. We need it NOW!!!!
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    When your defense stays on the field for 40 minutes and when you don't force a punt until the final minute, it's hard to picture any grade for anyone higher than D. The facts are the defense didn't play very well at all.

    The final score gives everyone a false sense of security that the Pats were actually in this game. Their two touchdowns were as a result of a gift-wrapped interception and a garbage time score with the Steelers in prevent. They weren't in this game at all and could have easily lost by 30.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD :      Sorry...but I can't but this whole thing on the entire defense. Part of the reason why the "D" was on the field for 40 minutes was that the offense was completely ineffective for most of the game.      The lion's share of the blame falls on BB. He's the one who fashions the game plan, and the coverage schemes. The job of the defense is to execute within the scheme. Steeler receivers were wide, wide open all afternoon, in the underbelly of BB's soft zone. Poor preparation of the "D" by the coaches, and poor execution by the secondary. Both received a well deserved "F".      The DL registered 5 sacks, and did an adequate job of pressuring Big Ben. But, they never had a chance, due to the Steelers' short pass attack.    
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Well then, exactly what part of the defense were you satisfied with? The 5 sacks? Give me a break - Rapelisberger holds onto the ball FOREVER! The sacks weren't because the Pats DL beat the Steelers OL. But then it's really hard to give credit to the secondary for the coverage sacks after that effort yesterday, isn't it?

    I didn't say I was putting it all on the defense. The offense stunk too. The special teams looked liked they belonged in Special Ed....have they ever practiced on-sides kicks before? It went 7 freaking yards!

    Belichick and his staff were lost. How do you not challenge Gronk's catch with 4 minutes to go? That alone cost and extra minute and a half. Just a pathetic effort all around BY EVERYONE.

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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    In Response to Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD:
         A pathetic performance from top to bottom, by BB's boys. The Patriots came out flat, and were flattened by the far more aggressive, and physical Steelers. For the second straight game, the Patriots' vaunted offense was help in check, this time to a season low 17 points...including 7 that were gift-wrapped for them by the Pats' defense. This team is collectively in dire need of a good swift kick in the backside. Here are my grades: I. OFFENSE: The Brady bunch, in the few minutes (20) that they were on the field, were offensive...smelling. It was the units' worst performance since that forgettable trip to Cleveland last year, where the Rob Ryan coached Cleveland "D" held them to just 14 points. 1.) QB: As much as I would like to chastise every facet of this team for that stink-bomb they laid today in Pittsburgh, it's hard to fault Tom Brady. His WRs could not any separation throughout the game. His OL afforded him little protection, and failed top open any holes to establish a running game. Other than TE Rob Gronkowski, Tom seemed to be completely weaponless. He finished with 24 completions in 35 attempts for a mere 198 yards, and 2 TDs. Perhaps the most telling statistic for the passing attack was that the Pats averaged an horrific 5.7 yards per completion. That folks, is not going to get it done: GRADE: B-; 2.) RBS: It's painfully obvious that BJGE is still very much bothered by that toe injury. He hasn't been the same RB since he sliced and diced the Jets, several weeks ago. But, where was Danny Woodhead, and the hot-shot draft choices, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley? No...instead BB dusted off 34 year Kevin Faulk. In limited attempts, Faulk averaged 5.3 yards per carry, and caught 4 passes for 20 yards. But, most of the run yardage was gained when the Steelers were in pass-prevent mode:  GRADE: D+; 3.) OL: Without a doubt, this was their worst performance of the season. This group provided solid proof that if a team loses the battle up front, it loses the game. Steelers' DE/OLB LaMarr Woodley destroyed whoever it was who tried to block him. The Steelers' front three of Ziggy Hood, Casey Hampton, and Brett Keisel shut down any semblance of a running attack, and were able to push the pocket most of the game. Logan Mankins had two annoying false starts, and Sebastien Vollmer looked like he was on roller skates throughout: GRADE: F; 4.) TEs:  Rob Gronkowski was the Patriots' sole offensive threat...finishing with 7 catches for 94 yards. Aaron Hernandez was a non-factor, with just 2 receptions for 9 yards...including a TD: GRADE: C+; 5.) WRs:  Wes Welker was shut down for the first time this season, finishing with just 6 catches for a paltry 39 yards. He also was the recipient of a physical beating for most of the game, primarily by Steelers' safeties Ryan Clark, and Troy Polamalu. Deion Branch was also roughed up by the Steelers' secondary, and finished with 4 receptions for 36 yards, and a TD. Can someone please tell me why Chad Ochocinco is still on this team? Wouldn't Brandon Lloyd have been a more attractive option?  GRADE: F; II. DEFENSE:  Considering that this unit was on the field for two-thirds of the game, things could have been worse than the 23 points it allowed. The Steelers repeatedly punched the "D" in the stomach, hitting reception after reception in its' soft underbelly, primarily in the middle of the field...leading to multiple sustained drives, primarily between the 20s.   1.) DL: This unit had some problems stopping runs up the middle, but only because the Steelers were so successful with their short passing game. They did a fairly good job on occasion of pressuring Ben this group sacked him 5 timers. Pressure by this unit also resulted in a Gary Guyton interception, which kept the team in the game. GRADE: B; 2.) LBs: Gary Guyton had the above mentioned pick, but did little else. Though Jerod Mayo saw some playing time, he's no where near ready. Brandon Spikes was solid, with 12 tackles, including 10 solos. But, the pass coverage in the zone was pathetic, as Roethlisberger consistently hit short to medium range passes underneath the zone...primarily in the middle of the field. Rob Ninkovich reportedly played this afternoon, too: GRADE: C; 3.) SECONDARY:  Despite all the draft picks and money spent on this unit, it remains the weakest link on this team. The Steelers didn't slash the Pats with long passes, but they did them in with a death by 100 the form of short and medium range passes. Steelers' TE Heath Miller had 7 catches (though it seemed like 70), for 85 yards. The fleet Mike Wallace added 7 more for 70 yards, Emmanuel Sanders had 5 for 70 yards, and Antonio Brown chipped in with 9 more, for 67 yards. In all, Ben Roethlisberger completed 36 of 50 passes for 365 yards, two TDs, and the above mentioned pick.      Credit the Steelers with a brilliant game plan, of basically running the Patriots' offense against the Patriots. The Pats' CB seemed so concerned with not giving up the big play, that they allowed the Steelers to, in effect, use their passing game like a running game.      The above four receivers collectively finished with 28 receptions for 282 average of 10 yards per reception. What was striking was how wide open these 4 Steelers receivers were for the entire game. But, in fairness to the secondary, a good deal of fault for this falls directly on the coaching staff.      Look for other teams to emulate a similar offensive strategy against the Patriots in the future. Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty, James Ihedigbo, and Kyle Arrington collectively finished with 38 tackles (including 29 solos). When the opposing offense gets to run 78 plays in 40 minutes, and puts up 29 first downs...this is the result. GRADE: F; III. SPECIAL TEAMS: Stephen Gostkowski has to do a better job. He's not being paid to clank 42 yard FGs off the goal post...he's being paid to make them. His miss in the 3rd quarter helped to derail a possible Patriots' comeback bid. His two pathetic attempts at on-side kicks makes you wonder whether the Patriots ever worked on this in practice. With regards to kick coverage, the Pat were a might too generous. As for returning kicks, they're doing a lousy job this year:  GRADE: C-; IV. COACHING: Hard to believe that BB and the Patriots' brain thrust allowed themselves to be so badly out-coached, when they had all the time in the world to prepare for this game. Worse yet, the team came out flatter than a pancake, in one of the most important games of the season. The Pats lost this game in the first quarter, when they allowed the Steelers to jump out to a 10-0 lead. In that quarter, the Pats' offense had the ball for just 1:24, registering a three and out. Thereafter, the Patriots' outscored the Steelers, 17-15. But, the damage had been done.      You have to wonder whether it's time for this team to finally start spending money on better caliber assistants. In any event, BB and his coaches have a ton of work to do. They have the (5-2) NY Giants next week, who, as we know, match up well against the Pats. Next, they face their most important game of the season, on the road against the hated Jets. They had better come up with a way to get their deflated offense back on track...and had better solve the short pass troubles we saw today.       Rare to see a BB Patriots' team be as badly out-coached and outplayed, as they were today.  GRADE: F; V. PLAYER OF THE GAME:  DE/OLB LaMarr Woodley was in Tom Brady's face, and head, most of the game. Although I strongly considered Ben Roethlisberger, his receivers were so wide open today that 63 year old Terry Bradshaw could have completed the same passes to them. Another possibility for POTG was TE Heath Miller...who killed the Patriots early on. VI. PLAY OF THE GAME: Any one of several short to mid-range completions to TE Heath Miller early in the game...which really set the tone.            Here are the sorry game stats:      As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome.            
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Texas, Good Morning,
    I'll get right to it - from Pittsburgh's first drive, one got the impression their goal was to keep Brady off the field and we did absolutely nothing to stop them. This was a miserable performance - and from a team coming off a bye week. Where is/was the preparation, execution the fire in the belly? We drafted studs in the backfield who are athletic and capable of matching up well with Pitt's personnel. The same could be said @ the WR position. Why oh why do we trot out Kevin Faulk and not utilize the shiny new, young playmakers? 

    There isn't much to disagree with in your assessment - one point of contention, you have a tendency to inflate Tom's performance when the team has left a stink bomb. I'm left with the belief we need a new OC and defensive coordinator. This was painful to watch.

    Take care.

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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Tex- Painful to grade for this stinkbomb of a Pats game. Had the same reaction that you did as in BB needs to crack some heads.

    The Pats talent and skill level is not there in the secondary. I don't think "where there is a will there is a way"  is doable for this group. And though I know this isn't the cure, and I really think BB needs to bring in a Crennel type D- Coordinator. He can't do it all.

    Outcoached, outplayed, outhustled in this game.

    Pats needed a running game for this one. it was great to see KF back on the field. Lawfirm was off his game. (had pleny of company there) Why wasn't Ridley an option?

    Smothering D on Tom's receivers. I am relieved that Wes wasn't seriously injured.

    The OL deserved the big fat F.

    Steelers D was brutal. They came to play.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD:
    At what point shall we re-evaluate Ochocinco's value within the receiving corp? Clearly, the blame today should be spread evenly among the coaching staff..however, a viable deep threat would have reduced the number of defensive players playing close to/ up on the line of scrimmage.
    Posted by ponyoto

    That only makes a difference if your QB is accurate and effective long range. Once the Lebeau's Curtain changed their usual look and played press lock-on with TB's receiving corp, it effected TB along with the constant pressure. I think he is the best DC in the league, also has the players. Even with two becoming 3 starting studs on the side lines. I thought getting into Tom's head had him overthrowing everyone 30+ yards down field. He just didn't have the time Ben did.
    BB will have to find a way to counter what Pitt brings to the table for they will almost certainly meet them again in the PO's. Steelers may stay with what works against the Pats for now which could be a big mistake.
    BB countered against the Jets' seemingly passive and unorganized look in last year's PO with the hurry up. That did not allow them to change up on down and distance and exhausted their beefcakes in their defensive front.
    This all comes down to a chess match and the best strategist usual wins.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    "But then it's really hard to give credit to the secondary for the coverage sacks after that effort yesterday, isn't it?"
    RESPONSE: Are you seriously going to argue that the secondary played at all well?

    RESPONSE BACK: Does this language in any way shape, form or substance indicate I am crediting the secondary for anything other than perhaps sticking to their coverage for a few plays yesterday? Well, maybe in some language other than english....

    "Sorry...but I can't but (sic) this whole thing on the entire defense."

    RESPONSE: I didn't accuse you of any such thing...LOL!!!

    RESPONSE BACK: Actually, your language above does insinuate that my earlier response is in fact blaming the "whole thing on the defense."

    RESPONSE: think that the Pats get an "F" in every facet of the game? That would be too harsh. BB should get the lion's share of the blame for the putrid Pittsburgh performance.

    RESPONSE BACK: Where did I say that every facet deserves an F? (Although there are several which might have merit for such a distinction). But to be honest, your grades for the DL, backers and special teams are too high; there simply wasn't anything yesterday to be real happy about anywhere, the five sacks included. It was an epic failure accross the board. This game simply was not as close as the final score indicates.

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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    This game was awful.  I was just saying before we played that all the so called good teams were flopping and we were right there and then we had to put out that showing.  At this point, I dont know where we stand. We have a regressing offense and now it looks like a regressing defense w/new faces again trying to get acclimated.

    I was excited for Faulk and had no idea he would have such an impact, but he cant do it all. Where was Ridley? 

    I guess now that Faulk is back, Woodhead is just a special teamer?  He was innefective returning kicks....why not give Price a shot there try to get a spark. Danny just kept getting to the 20 and no further.

    Horrible coaching job not challenging Gronks TD, and the minute and a half it took to run that cheap play...looked like the 4th and 2 play from the colts.  Ugggh

    Then even with 2 and some change, you got 3 timeouts, so kick the ball deep and hope your defense gets 3 stops...but then you try onside kick and cant even boot it 5 yards!??!?   and you had confidence in that!!?!?!?

    Im sorry, I know that these other teams have had blunders too, but I dont feel so well about the hopes of this team and not based on one game.

    The Bills are actually a better team than us right now, and the division is in jepoardy.

    In Bill we Trust....I think..

    Team looked like it was still in a bye.  I wonder if the secondary guys were still in shock about Bodden, but they better snap out of it..noone looks like they could cover yesterday...3rd and long after 3rd and long  completed w/ease... smh
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Oh yeah, can we stop asking for Price now...

    He didnt look too impressive. He had a chance for a big play but Brady had to step aside after the play fake and threw a bad ball on the run that was behind him, but besides that, dude just didnt look ready for prime time and throwing him in against the Steelers while getting whooped isnt exactly ideal 1st real game action conditions..

    Now his confidence is lower....Maybe now that Ocho is pretty much a no show...maybe he plays more....but its not gonna solve our problems.

    I would rather just keep Hernandez out there as the 3rd option.
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Very frustrating game to watch.  I kept waiting for some screen passes, maybe even some trickery, i.e. a reverse and even, God forbid, trying to run the ball.  Instead all I got was the same crap of trying to throw the ball each time, trying to gain 10-15 yards each time. 

    The Patriots used to be good at making adjustments, not trying and trying to keep doing something that clearly was not working AT ALL.

    This game made me ill.
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    Out coached...

    It's one thing to lose because the opponent has better athletes, and maybe the Steelers do at several positions. But I hang this loss on the Pats coaches - for not having a Plan B for their players to carry-out in case Plan A doesn't work.

    This applies to the offense and the defense...

    The Ryan Brothers have shown how to limit the effectiveness of the Pats spread offense. Grab, hold, hit our receivers - break the rules if you have it - penalties are just a probability game - the zebras are only gonna throw the flag so many times - especially against the home team.  In the past, Brady has shredded the Pitts zone. Pitts adapted and mostly changed their defense for this game, employing tight man coverage (with grabbing, holding, hitting).

    Pats must find a way to answer this. Pats coaches had to have expected Pitts might adopt this tactic. But does not appear to me Pat gave any Plan B a try.   Did Ridley even get on the field?  Why was Vareen drafted? How many draws or screens did the Pats run?  One deep throw to Price (who was open).

    Defense - seems obvious that any team willing to take what the Pats defense will give them and has patience - and doesn't beat themselves with turnovers or penalities - can dominate the game.  Still, the Pats stay with that soft zone. Occassional blitz, but no credible Plan B.  Hell, play Man, at least require the opponent to execute a complex, even risky, play. Maybe they score quickly.  Give your athletes an opportunity to compete and learn. This soft zone must be really flustrating to the players who, having gotten to the NFL level, are very competitive and used to using their athleticism.  I think that's why Bodden is gone.

    Can BB and his staff be this bad?

    Is BB just trying to get into the playoffs, showing nothing, where he unleashes schemes no opponent has seen?

    Are the outcomes of some NFL games determined in advance, and this is one the home team was supposted to win.


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