Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

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    Oh yeah, can we stop asking for Price now... He didnt look too impressive. He had a chance for a big play but Brady had to step aside after the play fake and threw a bad ball on the run that was behind him, but besides that, dude just didnt look ready for prime time and throwing him in against the Steelers while getting whooped isnt exactly ideal 1st real game action conditions.. Now his confidence is lower....Maybe now that Ocho is pretty much a no show...maybe he plays more....but its not gonna solve our problems. I would rather just keep Hernandez out there as the 3rd option.
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    Price was only on for six plays, though. That play you mentioned should've gone for a touchdown, but Brady was under too much pressure.

    Offensive snaps: Faulk takes over

    October, 31, 2011
    Oct 31
    AM ET
    PITTSBURGH – Snaps played by offensive skill-position players in the Patriots’ 25-17 loss to the Steelers (as charted in press box, small margin for error):

    TE Rob Gronkowski – 58 of 58
    TE Aaron Hernandez – 50 of 58
    WR Wes Welker – 50 of 58
    WR Deion Branch – 48 of 58
    RB Kevin Faulk – 39 of 58
    RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – 13 of 58
    WR Chad Ochocinco – 11 of 58
    TE Dan Gronkowski – 6 of 58
    WR Taylor Price – 6 of 58
    RB Danny Woodhead – 4 of 58
    TE Nate Solder—2 of 58
    TE Sebastian Vollmer – 2 of 58
    FB Ryan Wendell – 1 of 58 
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    Re: Patriots @ Steelers REPORT CARD

    Great Questions to Ponder as we search for answers as to how this occurred:

    Can BB and his staff be this bad?

    Is BB just trying to get into the playoffs, showing nothing, where he unleashes schemes no opponent has seen?

    Are the outcomes of some NFL games determined in advance, and this is one the home team was supposted to win. 

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