Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    As usual a clear insightful analysis of the game.  Only thing missing is a peak into BB's mind which I think may clarify why the 4th qtr fell apart. The outcome of the game only makes sense if you see BB's goals in the following order:

    1. Continue to use regular season games as opportunities to work on the team's weaknesses and develop younger players to the detriment of wins without sacrificing playoff opportunities.  (check).
    2. Get 4th seed. (check)
    3.  Keep players healthy till the post-season. (oops).

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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    "I think it was probably the worst coached game of BB's career in NE or at least in the last 5 years"

    Let's take it, the next step, and say this his worst coached year, as the pats' coach. Agreed?
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    I have no problem with Welker playing and getting hurt...that's the breaks.  Some WR's manage to get killed when not even playing.

    If the intent of the crazy packages and play-calling was to get looks at new or inexperienced players, it certainly didn't help any Offensive flow or continuity, or help the Defensive team-building.

    Hopefully, a pissed-off Pat's team gets to host the Texan's in the snow next week to return the favor.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Well TP again this team played three great quarters on the road, and the defense couldn't stop my flag football team in the fourth quarter, and the offense turtled once again.  But much to your coaching points - what was the purpose of reinserting TB to the game in the third quarter?  Even at that why even bring him back in after the 27-13 lead?  Too many headscratchers surrounding this one.  They did look very vanilla in the 4th quarter making one think that was on purpose, but they have looked very vanilla on O all season long on the road.  Bottom line it looks like the Ravens are coming to town next week, and that will be a battle, but one I see the Pats pulling out.  Then it is on to SD, where unless this team finds "lightning" in a bottle (pun intended) they could be on the golf course two weeks from tomorrow. 
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Tex- Dean Pees is a disaster. The tale of the two halfs all season has proven that point. I could not believe they imploded once again on the road, blew a nice lead and the D and OL just stopped playing in the 4th.
    Of course the Wes injury only puts more salt on the wound, but that was a freak injury. On the other hand we were fortunate Tom wasn't carted off the field on a stretcher.
    I don't know what BB was thinking pulling Tom when he did and then putting him back in again. He won't tell us. Tom didn't make himself available for the press after the game, which is unusual. I thought he was throwing well, and like you agree that his pass protection (or lack there of) hurt him most of all.
    Another tough loss- especially after all the talk this week from players (including Tom) about building momentum and winning the game. I believed that in the first half.
    Whatever the injury is to Wes my best wishes to him for a speedy and full recovery.
    He is an Iron man- and the MVP of the team this season.
    I don't know what to think about the Pats chances s they move into play off season. The Jeckle and Hyde act is unacceptable.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    4th kills em every time.
    BB has been mediocore since the horrible loss to Indy in 2008

    Pees has no imagination

    Another DISASTER in tx
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    "But, I can't understand why, on a 4th and 4 with 18 seconds remaining, that he would throw a 2 yard pass?"

    Bill O'Brien. Both he and can of Pees must go.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Thanks TP.

    We are becoming frighteningly consistent - take a solid lead (9 points, 14 points, 17 points etc.) into the 4th quarter on the road and then inexplicably lose the game - on both offense and defense. 

    How the bloody hell can we be so damn consistent at this?

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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    TP3, Great stuff...I did not see the game, only the box scrore and did not see any mention in the box on  Adalius Thomas (ie not tackles, assists, sacks or INT) so was not sure he played or not...What a POS...agentcooper, very interesting intelligence report; they may have looked whipped but it has been  a very up and down year and losing Welker was...a downer...
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Sorry Im not as down on BB as the rest of you. This guy has no help, none. I dont take anyone serious who criticizes resting or playing the starters. And they felt Wes was gone, thats why 12 came back in. In all honesty this is a bad team making it to the palyoffs. Terrible p-calling, D that continues to struggle holding onto leads, I mean 21 unanwsered, cmon. And halftime adjustments, unles your going to "adjust" Woods for Willie, and so on, only so much you can do. Im hardly the smartest guy in the room or this forum, but its the players. We dont have the guys for our 34, 2 gap system. Guys on the D-line and Backers. Mayo is either hurt or regressed, he cant get off the block and continues to get beat around the edge. This offense depends on time and smart rec's. Pressure has been on 12 all year, even though they didnt give up that many sacks. We have no tight end, serious, our t.e dont/wont/cant go over the middle and get the ball. We only have 1 deep threat, count em' one! And Wes is/was great, but doesnt put points on the board, sorry its true. Why do U think every team we play puts two of their best on 81. That wears on ya too, Hes always got the best in front of him, in the form of Revis n Rhodes every game. Others should be able to step up. This O is as predictable as U can get. Was I the only one that called that Davis int, in the end zone. Or the Mike Mck's one at the 5yrd line. Its been like that all year. Actually reminds me of the first year Joe Gibbs came back, that was awful to watch. And our running game is inconsistent, from the players, and again to the play-calling.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Game ball to Edelmann. The guy had over 100 yrds today and really stepped up. How can you replace a can't, but Edelmann performed extremely well.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    Hoyer made the throw because of inexperience. He showed some promise.

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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    I think it makes sense that Tom played more than expected after Welker went down.  Let's assume BB had some sort of hunch as to the potential severity of Welker's injury.  Wouldn't you want to give your next guy up as many snaps as possible with Brady at the helm in a game environment?  It's at least a little possible that Brady was targeting Edelman with a little extra purpose today.
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    Re: Patriots @ Texans REPORT CARD

    I'm a conspiracy theorist. 

    This is the first time that Bill Belichick has ever ducked a postgame interview.  Why?  What does he have to hide?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

    Here's my take on the game.  The Texans played poorly.  Even Brian Hoyer was slashing through their defense.  So, BB, wanting to play Baltimore next week and Indianapolis the week after, but not wanting to disturb his highly polished machine, ordered his minions to play well, then take a dive. 

    Putting the rookie Hoyer in during the second quarter, then taking him out for Brady, then putting Hoyer in one more time with the game on the line, is wack.  Shouldn't this funny behavior of BB's ring a bell?  Can we at least agree that BB had little interest in actually winning the game today?

    Now most of the rest of the game starts to make sense.

    Why, when the Pats put on a beautiful defensive stop at the 1 yard line, does BB yank Brady for Hoyer, who hands the ball to Fred Taylor, who uncharacteristically does not hang on to the football near the goal line.  If you, as a coach, wanted to deliberately lose a game, wouldn't that be a great time to give up 7 points?  The question is, did Fred Taylor hold the ball out to a Houston player in one hand?  Did the football have a bow on it and a gift card?

    Brady threw brilliant passes all night.  Then in one critical play he decides not to throw it away.  No, he throws a perfect shot way, way up in the air in case the Houston DBs couldn't catch a cold, to just beyond where his receiver was going to be, to the spot where the safety Pollard was going to be. 

    Then Houston fouls up a first and 10 on Hoyer.  First and 5.  Hoyer calls for someone to commit an offensive hold.  OK, first and 15.  Then BenJarvis Green-Ellis, last on the depth chart, rips off a 12 yard gain with too much time on the clock.  The second stringers are threatening to win the game against Houston's incompetent first stringers.  Like in "The Producers", oy vey!  So Hoyer uncharacteristically misses Edelman 8 yards away, twice, the same exact play so Houston will cover it better, like they can't trust anyone else on the Patriots team to muff the play twice in a row. 

    Did either Edelman or Hoyer look bad as they left the field in shame?  No way.  Did Brady look particularly ticked off on the sidelines?  Not at all.  Maybe that's why Brady didn't take the podium either.  Good QB, but he's not that good a liar.

    I refuse to give BB a "D" for coaching.  I think the master chess player got exactly what he wanted except for Wes Welker blowing out his knee in the open field.  All week long we're going to hear about "the Pats are folding" from the press.  Will press and pundit reports bother the team?  Not at all.  They'll probably come out against Baltimore like they came out against Jacksonville last week.

    P.S. When I saw that wide open touchdown pass by Houston early, I had to wonder, was that another dead obvious giveaway of 7 points to an incompetent team?  How come they never did anything that stupid in the Jacksonville game?
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