For the last 8 years we've heard about Brady & Co use the previous seasons failure as the driving force for regaining the SB but that has to thrown out the window b/c if that was the case this team would of regained a SB a long time ago but all they do is continue to choke away postseason games and win 0 SB's!

From here on in when we see the Pats look great in the regular season like they did against Houston we need to take it with a grain of salt instead of annoiting this team as the team to beat b/c all they do is choke when it matters the most!

I am so sick of hearing of how much better prepared the team is and yada yada yada but since the 2004 SB win it's been the same old swan song and it gets worse and worse each year. Granted I'll exclue the 2005 & 2009 postseasons as I didn't think the were good enough to win the SB but all the other postseaon failures a SB title was left on the field meaning they could of had 8 but only won 3!