Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

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    Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    Ok, Here is the premise of this post... I have had it with..." if I was in the draft room I would be picking all the studs and never miss on a player." Lets look at the 2005 draft on...

    2005: Matt Cassel, Logan Mankins, Ellis Hobbs, Nick Kaczur, James Sanders... They all played a huge role in how good the Patriots were and still are and this might be the best draft any team has had in the last 10 years.
    2006: Laurence Maroney, Steven Gostokowski, David Thomas, O'Callahan... not 2005 but definately very strong showing.

    2007: New England used a second and 7th round pick for Wes Welker... A Home run there, and then used a 4th round pick for Randy Moss another Home run. Now admittedly they are not draft picks used for College players but I am evaluating their use of draft picks to improve the team. Their first round pick was Brandon Merriweather a Safety that is still developing and is already a solid starter. And used a 5th for Clint Oldenberger OT. The rest of the picks were guys that had a shot at making other teams but most had no shot to make such a deep team with the exception of Elgin a 7th round pick for Center, and Mike Richardson a CB.
    1st round Pick was Mayo a potential Patriot Hall of Famer if not NFL H of Famer. Terrance Wheatley second round pick was a solid pick considering how the 2008 draft was 15 players deep in 1st round tallent and we were picking at the end of the draft. Crable and O'Connel were 3rd round picks and Crabel may be a solid pick if he is finally healthy... jury is still out there. Wilhite in the 4th round was a find because he has stuck with a team that has some depth at most positions.  So 2008 was light with the exception of Mayo but that was not the fault of the Patriots it was a less then ideal draft class.
    Still early to know how they will all pan out just one year into their careers but again this was a down year for depth of tallent and the Patriots decided to trade their first round pick then traded the first round pick they aquired in that trade  right out of the opening round ending up with four 2nd round picks, two 3rd round picks, one 4th round pick, one 5th round pick and two picks in each of the
    6th and 7th rounds. Due to what the draft provided in lack of top tallent the Patriots took the position that more picks equaled more chances to find a diamond in the rough. They may have found four in the second round as Butler if he develops into the starter opposite Bodden I think he can be and Chung presses for time at Safety a position of depth and strength for the Patriots. Vollmer looks like a stud at OT and Brace as I understood it had everything he needed but the technique, which if he can learn at his leisure behind Vince then he was a solid pick as well. 3rd round Pick Brandon Tate is another of those Diamonds that looks like he just may develop into a solid WR. Rich Ohrnberger  was drafted in the 4th round and he is able to play any of the inside spots so he is very valuable. The 6th Round Pick Myron Pryor DL looks like a steal and 7th round pick Julian Edelman might end up being the biggest steal of the whole draft let alone the Patriots draft.

    So To say the Patriots drafts have been weak of late is way off in my opinion! 
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    I graded them a B because they could have picked up a couple players they missed on but overall they made a lot of good decisions.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    I'm going with a C+ to B- right now.

    05 Was a great drafting period getting 3 starters in Mankins, Sanders, and Kaczur with another start in Cassel being traded and Hobbs being a solid nickle CB.
    Grade: A

    06 Was very disappointing minus Ghost. I don't put much stock into Maroney for anything but an average rb. I'd even compare him to mid round rb's taken in recent years. O'Callahan might be a career backup and Thomas got traded. Chad Jackson and Mills really kill the draft though.
    Grade: D (Ghost is great but a kicker alone won't get high grade)

    07 Was a mixed bag because of the trades. The trades were great but if we are discussing the ability to draft players out of college you have to remove trades. Merriweather was the only shinning star coming out of the draft class.
    Grade (with trades): B
    Grade (without trades): D+ (Merriweather was 1st round pick some expectations are already there)

    08 Was another disappointing draft. Mayo as a top 10 pick should be a star. The rest of the draft however can be tossed out as nothing more then average roster filled players. Crable being injuried 2 season thus far is a bust and the W's aren't any better then picking up low cost vets to fill nickle positions. O'Connell was a bust in the 3rd, is he even still in the league? When the next best player other then a top 10 pick is your choice of Slater who plays ST or Guyton who is a solid undrafted player well that isn't a good draft.
    Grade: D (Mayo being a top 10 pick should make him an instant starter no extra points for the grade)

    09 The jury is still out but it's looking a lot like the 05 draft. Chung and Butler are both raw but showed great signs during the year. McKenzie was out for the year but still shows promise unless he turns into another Crable, same with Tate. Brace doesn't look like much but can't win them all. Vollmer or Edelman might be the steals of the draft and even Ohrn looks solid enough to be at worst a solid backup. And lets not forget about our starting long snapper Ingram.
    Grade: A+

    Total average ~ C- but with trades for other players and future draft picks have pushed in up by atleast half to a full grade higher.

    How I graded was a two curve system. The higher the pick the more expectations so I took away more points for bust or players with high expectations that turned out to be backups (Ex. Chad Jackson really hurt the 06 draft and even though Maroney is a starter the expectations for where he was draft caused him to hurt the draft. But late round selections that failed had little impact on the outcome). On the flip side I gave more points if late round players become solid backups or even starters (Ex Eldelman put the 09 draft high as well as Sanders and Cassel. But very early round players like Mayo received almost no extra points because of being a top 10 pick). 

    So a grade A is almost hit on every pick, grade B is hit on almost every early pick and maybe 1 late pick, grade C is hit on 50% of the first couple rounds picks or a couple of the mid round picks, grade D hit on 1st round pick and that's about it, grade F just missed on everyone.
    But this is just my opinion.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    Listen if your a scout , GM , coach or owner then your job to a huge degree is to see what players would fit best in your system and to get the best available player. The PATS have done a decent job of the first , but failed(epic) on the latter. Im not going to go into great detail here because its clear your a lil' biased... 05' the best draft of any team in the last ten years...seriously man , take off your bootleg Tom Brady D&G sunglasses and take a look through a reality window for a second. Id really like you to explain WHY 05' is the best? Matt Cassell is 100% pure garbage. We won in spite of him , not because of him. And hows he doing in KC? Yea thats what I thought. No line , no recs etc and he shows NOTHING. Great players perform wherever , whenever and he got benched to hhmmm immm well..yea that guy who...who know the guy from...anyway he got benched for  a ham sandwhich and a reach-around. Ellis Hobbs..really LOL , so you've never watched football , ok , because for a minute you had me fooled there....Oh wait your your a loser! Mankins is a great pick/player , but thats it buddy. Sanders can be replaced with someone better...much like your agrument! And take it easy big guy , Mayos pretty good , but future HOF , cmon now , take a couple deep breaths and play a lil' D&D's and come back down from your suger high. WOW that was such a dumb statment , sorry it was. And what makes it so bad is that you actually spent time and put effort into this.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    PatsEng... you and I are pretty close in our thoughts here but we differ on the 07 draft mainly because I look at did the picks you used improve your team regardless of how you used them and so in that it is impossible to say those picks we used for Welker and Moss didn't help us more then using the picks for a player would have in the draft. Not impossible but unlikely. As for David Thomas I look at it like this... he is a player that is contributing elsewhere now and did here but maybe didn't fit what they wanted scheme wise so in that sense maybe he was a "bust". And We differ on Maroney, he grades out pretty decent and given his age and skills he could end up being the RB we need if we add Crumpler.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    Yeah 07 and Maroney might be the grey points that everyone agrues over. Esp 07 depending on how you look at the trades. With the trades the draft becomes a great draft but if you look at just players taken all you're really left with is Merriweather.

    Thomas is an interesting case of a player that now is contributing somewhere else but looking at his body of work here we never received the 3rd round talent TE as he added practically nothing on the field and the pick we got in return for the trade, if I remember right, went to trade for Smith which ended up getting dumped.

    Maroney is another interesting person. He has a chance to redeem himself this year but being picked at 21/22 (can't remeber which one it was) he's been too Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde on the field. Add that to all the time he's missed from injury and the pick doesn't look very well. If by chance Crumpler comes in and Maroney can stay on the field and cut the amount of times he's dropped behind the line then I'd recheck his grade but that hasn't happened yet so for right now he isn't worth the pick that was used on him.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    Yeah The pick we got ended up being moved again and that was a bust so your right there but once you get that far out from the orrigional move of drafting him and then getting value for him in a trade it is impossible to string that out further when you look at using that pick for another trade... you need a degree in Trig to keep up with it. As for Maroney I have issues with him on the body of his work so far but I also have to take Oline Play into account and since he has been here our oline hasn't been a strong run blocking Line. The one question I have is how would he look behibd a better blocking line and I think he would look better. Now he kind of threw the Oline under the bus this past year but it didn't take a football genius to see he was kind of right to say the Oline owned a fair amount of blame. I Don't know why they resigned Neal he was a shell of his former self and he never was a good run blocking Guard. I could live with Koppen at Center if we upgraded that RG position. Anyway... there are many things that can be looked at different ways but either way they grade out with a C or better and to give them a D or F is just plain stupid which was my orrigional point.
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    Re: Patriots Draft History as bad as some might lead us to believe?

    By the way I can't provide where I read or heard this (I think it was on a NFL draft a couple years ago) but the NFL as a whole hits on 60 % of the 1st through 3rd round picks, 40% of the 4th round picks, and 25 to 30% of the 5th through
    7th round picks. (by hits on a player I believe it was they made the team and in some way were able to perform at or near their draft position) If you do better then that you have the right to be proud. Looking at it that way brings some texture to grading.