Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

    Babe I wish you would change your name to Cry Baby! The Kentucky Babe was a decent QB but not a great one so in that sense you are his equal. Your bias against BB is glaring so maybe you should find an NYJ thread to show your displeasure. Sorry you don't agree with BB's tactics when drafting,but then again I don't hear BB saying that you were upset dso he's going to change his ways too appease the fraudulant Babe!!!!
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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

    So very very tired of the Matthews discussion....He was average LB at USC..had a good combine...and look at all the teams that passed on him...Sometimes a team gets lucky..and thats what happened...revirew all the players picked before him...and lets have a draft re-do...Its one of those cant measure a players heart and willingness to go the extra mile to succeed....another player thats a better pro than college player......Sh-- happens.....
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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

    Good not great...but if Mallet and Cannon can match up w/ their potential...then this could be a very good on...Like Vereen a lot....
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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

    I Like Solder and Dowling...Mallet and Cannon are the keys...if they can develop Cannon is a starter and Someone will want Mallet....
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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

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    In Response to Patriots Draft REPORT CARD : Patriots going to teach Mallet how to "cheat" too?!?!?!?!?!
    Posted by PatsHaterinCO

    One writer is having second thoughts about Mallett:

    "There are two Ryan Malletts floating around out there. The first is the one most people think he is. The second is the one the Patriots think he is.

    The real Ryan Mallett is expected to stand up at some point over the next couple of seasons when the Patriots need him to fill in for Tom Brady. Who will it be?

    . . .

    See, it’s very possible we all got it wrong on Ryan Mallett. And the Patriots got it right. Wouldn’t be the first time."

    I gave Mallett an A for value on May 1 and that hasn't changed.
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    Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD

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    In Response to Re: Patriots Draft REPORT CARD :
    Posted by TexasPat3

    RESPONSE: So you say. Where's your evidence to back this up? Surely, you're not placing all the blame for the Jets' playoff loss on the defense? Your unanimous MVP QB had an awful game. There was that botched, silly 4th down play at the end of the 1st half...there was the Alge Crumpler drop. In short, the all-world offense was awful. The apparently over-confident Pats were outplayed, out-muscled, and out-coached.

    Awful game? I think you expect too much. Brady's stats for that game were well in keeping with his career playoff stats. But then, allowing a 70 passer to put up a 127 is not too "good" is it? You can't be expecting Brady to throw up huge numbers all the time to make up for a mediocre D, especially when his line is AWOL.

    RESPONSE: Surely you jest. Talk about spin, Laurinaitus went 35th in the 2010 draft...well ahead of Spikes and Cunningham. Cox?? Are you talking about DB Derek Cox...the clown who the Jags got in exchange for their 2nd round pick in 2010?...LOL!!! Barwin??? The guy missed the entire 2010 season with injuries. Where's your evidence that he'll become a good player? Byrd had a very good rookie year...but fell off in year two. But, I will agree that the Butler bust, with the 41st pick in 2009, really hurt. Smith?? What Smith, Alphonso or Andre? Alphonso is no better than Butler, as we all saw on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit. Andre Smith, the 6th overall pick in 2009, is eating himself out of the league. Spivey, Angerer, and Verner?? LOL!!! The Pats did choose Cunningham over Dunlap. Where's your evidence to show that Dunlap is the superior player?  

    Laurinaitis could have been taken with the Chung pick in 2009. We did need a LB at the time, right?

    Cox' 8 INTs are more than Chung and Butler combined, and he has more tackles than either of them as well. So, if he's a clown, I guess Chung and Butler must be super clowns in your view.

    Despite Barwin missing an entire season he did have 4.5 sacks in 17 games, which would be a hefty number on a pass rush poor team like the Pats.

    Alfonso Smith has 66% more INTs than Butler. Dunlap had 9.5 sacks. What more eveidence do you need? Angerer had almost twice as many tackles as Cunningham.

    RESPONSE: What impact? What are you talking about? You have one complaint...and that's Clay Matthews. The rest is BS.

    Here's how BB has done drafting.

    2010 - Four picks in the top 60 or so players. You can only expect to get something good out of that. McCourty so far has been outstanding. The rest on D are filler to this point. Two good TEs. B

    2009 - The Genius took the 34th, 40th and 41st picks in 2009 and the sum total stat results for those 3 top 41 players taken are; 2 sacks, 7 INTs and 159 tackles. Laurenaitis alone has more tackles, more sacks and nearly half as many INTs as those three put togther. Traded away the first round and missed Matthews.  D

    2008 - Lost a 1st rounder due to BB's stupid spygate scandal. Took Wheatley and Crable in the 2nd and 3rd that were both DUDS. Picking Mayo saves the draft. B -

    2007 - Meriweather. Period. C -

    2006 - Maroney, Jackson, pitiful drafting. F

    2005 - A very good lineman, though has not played his best in the playoffs, (even if a personality problem) and some decent filler players. Better than usual. B -

    2004 - Stud DL and a dissappointing TE in the 1st, wasted 2nd round pick. C -

    2003 - Didn't get much more than a decent starter from the 13th overall pick, and two 2nd rounders for filler. D

    2002 - Poor use of 1st round pick, decent WR in 2nd round. D

    2001 - Great DL, good OL, nothing else. B

    2000 - Not many picks, and he got zip. Except for the luckiest pick in history in the 6th round. He gets his only A for being lucky.

    OVERALL - BB (with "whoever" during his tenure) has been about a "C" drafter. Average. And now you know why we have not won a SB in six years despite having one of the greatest legends of the game at the most important position on the field for a decade. When Brady goes, we will see BB is really the guy that failed in Cleveland. If he's still here.