In response to GEAUX-TIGRES's comment:

Get first possession on botched punt at the twelve. Tan overthrows wide open Hartline who clearly beat Talib and resulted in zero points. A little confused about the phin's pick six that supposedly had offsetting illegal block penalties on both teams. Not sure if the official correctly announced the proper perps on the play. If offsetting, why does the league penalize the return team? That either resulted in 0 or 3 points. Fortunate to get out of Dodge with a W. Key to the game was the 7 minute plus drive at the end by finally having success in running the ball and forcing Miami to use all its TOs.

Thanks for noting the Welker TD drop in the end zone. No, wait! You didn\'t! Or, how the Fins made the Pats one dimensinal in the first 3 Qtrs by taking away their running game? Or, how they treated Brady like the Giants did in the SB's? Proof that I'd much rather be lucky than good.

How's that SEC Championship game working out for ya? No BCS berth and all. Much better to have Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl. I'm guessing that 95% of all viewers will be either Florida St fans, both NIU fans, or a few folks curious about NIU. Then, there's others who'll view in to see the train wreck. The Orange Bowl committee deserves whatever happens to them, including TV rating lower than the Bakersfield, CA Tidy Bowl.