I thought the G-Men were done. I fell asleep because i was so effed up after the game. I missed the end of the 4th and woke up to see they had won in O/T.


Welp, all I can say is Manning has erased all doubts this year and even looks better(in the clutch) than big brother. Pressure or no pressure, the guy gets it done., he will throw off his back foot with his back to the play and hit a guy in stride 50 yards downfield, so pressure aint gonna cut it,. We HAVE TO SCORE!!!

The Giants have a Beastly D-Line and they arent just pass rushers. They can stop the run because they collapse the pocket and disrupt everything.

Teams that can get pressure with 4 are like kryptonite to Brady.

Good thing is we played Eli well earlier and shut him out in the 1st half, the problem is the Giants also shut us out.

Gonna be a great Game, but I like us in the rematch esp. having lost to them earlier in the season.

Lets Go Get this for Myra!!!!  I reallllllY WANT THIS ONE!!!!!