Patriots---go get Gonzalez

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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    Russ, its a great idea and I am sure everyone in pats nation including myself would be jumping for joy if TG came here, but I think the most likely spot IF traded is KC. Start and finish career there which may be his preference. I figure if the falcons are interested, TG is too and multiple teams come calling, out of respect they will ask TG where he wants to go...assuming all offers are faiirly equal?


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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    What young and, potentially, rising Pats star are you willing to give up to get Gonzalez or draft picks?  Sell the future for present satisfaction?  All I am saying.

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    The guy is a F**KING legend! Gronk and Jimmy Graham have big shoes to fill when this guy retires. He won't leave ATL though, BB tried to acquire him when he was first traded and he turned us down if my memory serves me correctly.

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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    Is Atlanta throwing in the towel? They are only two games out of the wildcard race. They play in the weaker NFC and if they can get Steven Jackson and Roddy White healthy they could still make a run.

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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    Gonzalez has not stated anything.   The Falcons are trying to save tickets and concessions not being sold in arguably the worst sports market in the country. They have 2 weeks to win 2 games to make it appear they can save the season, but losing even one with their schedule, will put the writing on the wall.  What else are they supposed to say?
    "We're giving up! Come get him!"?

    LIke I said, if they drop to 1-6 with no way to save the season, Dimitrioff, trained by BB, will know the best move is to get what you can.

    Cannot imagine a HOF TE who wanted to retire, came back for 1-6 and chance at the playoffs my mid season, but that's just me.

    If he had a ring, sure. He's got one maybe plays it out and then walks.  He doesn't.  He wouldn't want to play with Brady and see this good D as a better chance? Why not?

    He can be had if Atl loses to TB at home and @ Arizona when the team quits officially on Mike Smith, which is very likely. They lack leadership right now. If White has a hammy that is not healed yet, they're in trouble.

    KC and NE would be the obvious top 2 landing spots.  I don't think Denver has the 2 mil in cap space. lol

    You obviously have never been to Tampa Bay! Guarenteed 10 X worse as far as Sports markets go!

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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    Question...  Why does going after gonzalez make more sense to y'all...

    NOW vs. when he was a FREE AGENT......???  ( yes, the thread I posted under the same title had very little support)  That was last spring after falcons lost in the playoffs ... look at you all now. 

    I  pointed out the injury history of gronk, hern, and Ballard, the awesomeness of Gonzalez  and he was FREE.  Evryone posted how TE was a position of strength.  really?  Hernandez wasn't even aTE (hback) so looking closer you had surgery- boy and big exjint who couldnt run. Fells showed nothing ever , and hooman who is solid but limited.


    THAT was the time to swoop in with an offer. Asking him to BAIL on his teammates in midseason is really a wussy move and has likely zero chance to  succeed.  

     (I do get the fact the NEGAME gets more action since she's hot.  ). But hey maybe admit you missed the boat and so did BB... ?


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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    Gonzalez is a class act. I'd love to see him come here. NE needs to get the 2TE offense running again, it's so integral to generating a rushing attack and the young WRs are a ways off from being able to stage a full scale spread like NE ran in 2007. 


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    Re: Patriots---go get Gonzalez

    This is something Belichick has to at least look into.  I would love for this to happen.