Patriots In Need Of A Rb?

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    Patriots In Need Of A Rb?

    best player available is the way to go unless it is a qb. We have set ourselves up nicely in FA to have pretty good depth in all areas. If a rb valued highly has slipped and is there in the 3rd we should pull the trigger. Bring all the rb's to camp and the bottom rated doesn't make the roster. BJGE was average not great, he had some great blocking in front of him and who knows what we'll get from Maroney. Bring on the competition!
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    Patriots In Need Of A Rb?

    As of last year, day 1 of the draft is only 2 rounds so our team only has 4 day 1 picks.

    As for our team, if you ask me right now it is 2007 all over again which is why our draft has to be about adding pressure, physicality and speed on defense and making signifigant improvements on our 3rd down & red zone statistics..

    Our OL against the Giants defense which has improved in their off season and our defense against their clock management offense and I think we are still in trouble..

    If the past 3 years of big game history has shown us anything, our teams current defense on the field with 3 mintutes to go and up by 3-4 points the outcome is not going to be to our enjoyment.