Patriots Nation on the Libor Scandal. Thoughts?

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    Re: Patriots Nation on the Libor Scandal. Thoughts?

    Ideas for a tattoo:

    "I think the Bankers need some help on the defensive line, not to mention a new running back.  Given those two things, I think they can beat the Brokers any day and twice on Sunday.  However, every team now needs to keep an eye on the Regulators, the Bears and Bulls, as well as the Idiots, one of whom started this useless piece of drivel masquerading as a thread, to what purpose I have no idea but a political thread on a very specific team sports thread always has an agenda.
    I haven't been here in a while.  After the S.B. it was time to take some time off,  However, with the new season approaching I came back here to see this thread about what is essentially politics.  Do yourselves a favor kiddies, take some time off from POLITICS and negativity and get into some PATS Football.  You'll feel so much better.  Really try it and please stop breathing so hard, the stuff in this thread is so over the top.  The sky is not falling.  Time marches on, history is written, we live we die.  Please note most if not all of you are not living in Syria. Please, think aboiut it

    kinda a'bit long though...