Patriots Needs For 2010 (and hopefully beyond)

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    Patriots Needs For 2010 (and hopefully beyond)

    1 - Brady and Moss to get healthy; Welker will take a lot longer and I'm not counting on him playing in 2010.

    2 - Reinforcements to flesh out both sides of LOS and to win up the middle (Saints attacked up the middle and this did a lot to weaken the Colts offense; Patriots lost to Ravens by being blown off LOS; Patriots certainly are not weak on both sides of LOS now but they need more to win at the line with greater muscle).

    3 - Reinforcements to flesh out receiver corps (Tate and Edelman will become a legitimate force but it won't hurt to add some veteran help, too).

    Contrary to the popular belief, they don't need Julius Peppers - win at the LOS and pass-rush will follow.
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    Re: Patriots Needs For 2010 (and hopefully beyond)

    I like your analysis.  My hopes are for Odrick to be there at 22.  You would have a solid defensive front then.  In the 2nd round they need to pick up an OT, OLB and CB IMHO.  Pick up a RT and the line will be pretty solid.  You need a CB to replace Boddins.  Then try to get that rush taken care of with the OLB.  Blount, RB is pretty far down the draft line so maybe, and this is a big maybe, the Pats should take a chance on him.  Without 3rd and 5th round picks it will be a tough decision if we should use the 4th round pick on him.   

    Then next year we can fill in the holes that are left.