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Patriots O-Line for 2012

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    Patriots O-Line for 2012

    I didn't see this posted so I thought I would share.  This feels good with Patriots ranked 2nd. (Packers ranked number one)

    Per rotoworld...

    2012 Offensive Line Rankings

    Monday, May 07, 2012

    Casual NFL observers don't do intense offensive line watching. They see the quarterback drop back from center, then hand the ball off to a back or throw it to a receiver. The O-Line is criticized if no running lane opens or the passer is sacked. It sometimes gets credit if the offense sustains a long stretch of undisrupted plays.

    I watch 9-12 games each week during the regular season, and for these rankings fell back on my 2011 notes while using the great research of Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus as guidelines. I think it's also important to understand the impact of blocking schemes, rookie expectations, and free agency additions, so I tried to touch on all of that. Please keep in mind that we are attempting to project here, not making grades based strictly on yesteryear performance.

    * = returning starter

    2. New England Patriots

    LT: Nate Solder*
    LG: Logan Mankins*
    C: Dan Connolly*
    RG: Brian Waters*
    RT: Sebastian Vollmer

    Top reserves: C Dan Koppen, OG Robert Gallery, T/G Marcus Cannon, G/C Ryan Wendell, C/G Nick McDonald, G/T Donald Thomas.

    Overview: In 2012, the Patriots will combat transition and adversity with sheer talent. Longtime left tackle Matt Light has retired, and Waters may do the same. Mankins tore his ACL in the playoffs, though he's tentatively due back for Week 1. New blindside starter Solder played over 1,000 snaps as a first-round rookie, holding up well. Vollmer, a top-60 pick in the 2009 draft, has flashed Pro Bowl ability when healthy. Cannon is a wildcard with terrific feet for a mammoth, 360-pound man. While New England's line boasts little continuity with plenty of question marks, this remains a top-five group in terms of skill level, and the bench is crawling with capable starters.
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    Re: Patriots O-Line for 2012

    I like the Pats O-line.  I have but two real concerns, both involving player health:
    1) How quickly will Mankins bounce back?  Yep, he's one tough dude but ACL surgery takes awhile to heal and rehab
    2) Is Vollmer's back a recurring issue?  If not, no problem; the guy's good.  If it is then there'll be continuity issues on the O line.

    Apart from that I'm optimistic about this group.
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    Re: Patriots O-Line for 2012

    Volmer sucks on the right, he's great on the left,  Y the Hell they got him on the right + don't get your hopes up looks like he'll B injurey pron 4 life.
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    Re: Patriots O-Line for 2012

    Looks good, but these 3 guys aren't as reliable:

    G/C Ryan Wendell, C/G Nick McDonald, G/T Donald Thomas