Patriots Offensive Identity

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    Patriots Offensive Identity

    I think incorporating Lloyd too much in the game plan was/is a bad idea.

    Last years offense was a top offense without a deep threat. And if Gronk were healthy, probably an offense good enough to win the Super Bowl.

    To me Llyod is a bonus player.

    lloyd should get the same type of looks that Branch got last season.

    Branch (2011) 90 Targets, 50 Recs, 702 yards 5 Tds

    Something that I would hope for Lloyd would be

    Lloyd (2012) 90 Targets, 64 Recs 950 yards 8 Tds


    In other words, Lloyd plays the same role as Branch last season, but because he's a better player he capitalizes more on those opportunities. Instead, Lloyd already has 65 targets.

    Gronk, Welker, and Hernandez are the go to guys. Lloyd, Edelman and Branch are the complimentary targets.

    Lloyd doesn't need to get 100 recs. He just needs to make the 1-2 extra plays per game that Branch could not make. 

    I'm eager to see what this offense becomes after the break. I can't tell if Lloyd gets so many looks by gameplan, or because of the Hernandez injury. I think Gronk and Hernandez still aren't as healthy as we think they are.


    Only thing that should be slightly altered is the pass to run ratio from last season. 611 pass attempts is too much.

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    Re: Patriots Offensive Identity

    I cannot agree with you on Lloyd or even your emphasis based on the title of the thread.

    Lloyd is not this year's Branch from last year. He is much more potent. He is not a "bonus" player. He is a key receiver. There should be no let up in trying to get him and Brady on the same page. That said, no one is immune from seeing less of the ball in any game as matchups and schemes make all the difference

    But perhaps more significantly you said nothing about the running game. If by identitity you were only going to talk about passing then fine. But this is truly becoming a team with meaningful balance. THat does not mean Brady will not have big days in attempts or yards, etc. But even when they are not focused as much on running they get 130 yards and without their two starting guards!!! This is a team that could run for 140-180 yards per playoff game if they are healthy (on the line, at RB, at TE and at WR). Heck, maybe 200 if the matchups are favorable - keep in mind that Ds want to stop Brady and the passing game and if they do too much that way the Pats will run, especially if healthy.


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    Re: Patriots Offensive Identity

    Our offensive identity is based on the "hurry up" offense. In a nut shell the goal is to exploit matchups and make it tough on the opposition to substitute. Last week they caught the Jets in run heavy packages with a linebacker on Welker and other times they caught them with dime packages and then ran the ball with success...Thier identity is not the calling might be part of the challenge and at times I think that McDaniel's and Brady both simply try to get too cute...

    As for Llyod, his job is to make the opposing defenses repect his ability to stretch the field. Which means that the safety to his side has to stay home and play 20 yards off the line. Even if he doesn't catch a single ball the impact on the offense is that the safety (to his side) isn't in the box in run support nor are they able to come up and press the tightends...To make this happen you have to take a few shots down the field...where a 40% completion percentage is considered pretty good...