Great Aricle

i would put the needs at :

1.Center/RG - wendell had a down year , i think he is too small for the center position,

Conolly is nothing special , i like cannon at RG , need to be addressed via Draft , i cant see 

us signing alex Mack.

2. CB /SS - if talib leaves for greener grass the patriots have to draft or sign a FA , arrington has to be released even if it's two years too late.

gregory is liability both in against the pass and ran , we need to draft a SS , A. wilson is done i cant see him playing next year , tavon wilsonm is a draft bust and harmon may need some more playing time .

3.WR/TE  - who knows what gronk we will get back , another TE is a must , the FA crop is nothing speciail except fro graham but he isnt a good blocker , Pettigrew and pitta

arent that special .

4. DE/DT - dependes if we keep tommy kelly and vince restructure his contract another pass rusher may help but we know that BB doesnt blitz even if his life depends on it .