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patriots outlook by 2011

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    patriots outlook by 2011

    ive been doing a lot of thinking on this.will we see a whole new team by 2011?they have a first rd pick,and three second rd picks next year,and two first rd picks,and who knows what else in 2011.unless wilfork is tagged next year,he and many others most likely wont return.could this be randy moss,s last year here?he is due big money next year.around one point i was thinking the pats will lock up brady with a new contract after this season,but what if his performance isnt well this season?will they hold off,and wait until after his final season in 2010-2011?and then he will be 34-35 yrs they keep him,or just offer a 2,or 3 yr deal?im a big brady fan,trust me. they didnt bring in any reliable back-up qb.its like a brady,or bust thing.but this season has been a weird one with the cuts,and trades of the entire defensive leaders in bruschi forced retirement,harrison,vrabal,and seymour trade.i dont think the pats really brought in anyone great this year.fred taylor was great in his day.the same with gallowway.springs is an old average corner,and bodden has had one good year with the what will the pats be like in 2011?
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Mosseffect - I hear your statement...I do believe every team goes through cylces. The great dynasties like the dolphins, cowboys, 49ers, and now even the patriots have been the pinnacle of the league for almost an entire decade. But the patriots like every team before them will go through cylces due to retirements, trades, and new personnel. Patriots are seeing the beginning of this during this offseason. Patriot greats have moved on. I believe the cycle will slow or even speed up depending on how well brady does this season. Brady is the franchise. The franchise that is labeled they "could" win it every year. Thats the reason why players have taken discounts to stay with the team and to even come to New England. If brady succeeds our team will continue to foster talented players willing to stay with the team or even join us through FA. If brady struggles the blue print of our success will start to see that cycles downward turn. I am optimistic however that this season will become a bridge to the new decade of a patriots team that will continue to win.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Well, to answer your question yes, I think the Pats will be a significantly different team then what we're used to.  However, that change has already started with the departures of Bruschi, Harrison, Seau, Vrable, & Seymour etc...

    I think Wilfork, Mankins, & Gostkowski will definately be resigned because not only are they great players, but if you notice with the huge youth movement that's currently taking place, you need to have a veteran presence which is what Belichick has always favored anyway.  Also, with so many free agents this year, the money should be there for these guys once some of the dead weight is let go.

    I happen to believe that this draft will be heavily tilted toward the offensive side of the ball.  When you look at the needs of this team along with the list of impending free agents both in '10 & '11, two things become very clear.

    1.)  O-line:  We need to draft a LT to replace Matt Light because he will be a free agent after next season,  (I think Vollmer will be used to take over at RT in place of Kaczur who may become a potential cap casualty because of his nearly $5mil cap figure next season).  Then we'll need to use one of our 2nd rounder in order to draft another OG because Neal is a free agent this year, and will most likely not be back.  The O-line in general features several starters who are 30+ yrs old not to mention diminshed level of play.  Because I feel that they will be drafting for two potential starters along the O-line, I feel that re-signing Mankins will be a must.  Because if he were to leave after this season, then we may be looking at an O-line that has 4 starters who have two seasons or less of actual NFL experience (which won't be a good thing).  With him in the fold, that will mean that we'd atleast have 2 out of 5 starters as veterans.

    2.) RB:  I know right now that some people will initially disagree because they'll say that the Pats have plenty of depth at the position.  However, upon further inspection you'll notice that we have 3 running backs who are 32 yrs old or older which means that neither of these guys are long term solutions.  Faulk (32 yrs old.) is a free agent this year, and I think he will be the next familiar face that we see leave in an effort to save cash and get younger.  Next year, both Fred Taylor (33 yrs old) & Sammy Morris (33 yrs. old) will be free agents along with Maroney (although young, hasn't lived up to expectations).  That could mean that only Benjarvis-Green-Ellis will be left standing unless we either draft another running back this year (I think we should target one in the 2nd round) or sign one as a free agent (less likely).

    3.) TE:  We currently have three TE's and two of them will be free agents after this season.  I'm thinking that we may bring in a low cost free agent or re-sign Watson (if he takes a low money deal) rather than drafting a replacement this year.  However, during the following draft look for this position to be addressed.

    I am 100% sure that Brady will be re-signed and I don't worry that much about the previous two games with regards to his performance anyway, because he is coming off of a major injury and hasn't played in a year, so showing rust should be expected.  Any thought to the contrary would be just wishful thinking.  I say by week 8, many people will have all but forgotten about his performance during these first two games.  As far as his age is concerned, I also don't worry so much about that either, due to the fact that his game isn't based on athletecism as he's a true pocket QB.  Unless his arm just suddenly falls off, I'm sure that he can be effective into his late 30's so long as he can remain healthy into the future.

    Moss won't be cut due to cap reasons because he had a high cap figure last season, this season, and will continue have one until '12 at which point I'm sure we will be looking for a replacement via trade or free agency since the draft can be so hit or miss at this position.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    There is a limited time for teams to achieve greatness in this sport. Power will always ebb and flow from team to team. It is reality.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

     Good posts, One thing that no one can control is age. We all grow older each day as do football teams. The Pats reached their pentacle of success in 2007 and BB knew it. That's why he has been rearranging both defensive and offensive sides of the ball.  It would not surprise me at all that this be the last year for any player on the team. It's according to what the market will bare and BB is a master at manipulating it. BB has already began the changing of the guard which is an ongoing process. What I do wish is that either J. Galloway start producing or released. I'm not a big JG fan, he has too many drops. I agree with the RB accessment without a good running game there will be no SB victories. I have no idea where all these changes are leading the Pats Fate but I'm still a Pats Fan whatever occurs.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    As we all know, the team is never more than one snap away from having its plans radically changed. Mike Reiss thinks that Vollmer is being groomed for LT, which hopefully works out.

    Brady definitely retires a Patriot, the question is, when. It's easy to say you want to play till you're 40 when throwing 50 touchdowns. It's another thing when you're getting pounded into the turf (Thanks Matt). I see a four year window, five max.

     I think the key barometer of what the Pats want to do to reshape the team is Wilfork. They won't and can't pay everyone, but if they let him go they are in effect saying they want to completely turn the team over.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    You can't say the Pats are rebuilding.  That's a term reserved for bad teams.  I think they are definitely reloading though.  Expect more stockpiling of draft picks, and don't be shocked if they do indeed trade out of the first round again; especially next year with all of the underclassmen that will likely enter the draft.

    Brady retiring a Patriot is a tough one.  A lot of great iconic QB's have played their last one or two years somewhere else.  They often aren't willing to admit they are done before the team does.  Brady has 2 rough games and half of the Sox board "fans" that posted here were calling for his head.  Let him have one bad year and I won't even want to look at this Board.  I hope Brady plays well for the next several years and retires a Pat.  History with other QB's indicates it probably will not play out that way though.  
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Guys in all honesty the 2009 Season Just STARTED we are 1-1, im super excited to see this crop of players develop. All i am focusing on right now are the falcons, thats what any belichick desciple should think, not 2 years down the line. Sunday 1pm
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Certainly I think you'll see a different team by 2011.  The first decisions to be made are with NE's 2010 free agents, here is my opinion on each, correct me if I've missed one:

    Faulk- If it's a cap friendly deal, bring him back as the 3rd down back.
    Aiken- Will bring him back, good special teams guy, should be expensive.
    Galloway- Gone.
    Watson-Make or break year, if he produces he gets a low offer.
    Gostkowski- Won't offer a fortune, but I think they'll offer enough to resign him.
    Mankins- Stays if he accepts a home town discount, gone if he wants big $.
    Neal- Should be able to resign for low veteran dollars.
    D. Burgess- Get some sacks or your gone. 
    P. Burgess- Too be determined.  Either way, he's not a big $ free agent.
    Green- Will bring back if he signs for low vet $
    Wilfork- I think they'll get a deal done.
    Alexander- vet minimum, most likely gone.
    Banta-Cain- vet minimum, most likely gone.
    Woods- vet minimum, maybe kept to provide depth, special teams.
    Bodden- Gone if he wants big $.

    With that being said, here is what I think could play out at each position.

    QB- Brady is still the man, they'll prob resign him after 2011 season. They may make a splash by taking a Tebow type in 2010 draft and let him develop long term.

    RB- In need of injection of youth and size.  I'd love for them to get a big powerful lead back that they can run between the tackles, they've been missing that for a while. Maybe draft a guy like Charles Scott from LSU (5-11 235).  
    As for a change of pace/3rd down back, if they don't bring Faulk back Maroney may get a shot as the 3rd down back (if he's resigned for 2011, don't think they will) as he can catch and is good in space.  If they choose to go a different route, they may target Sproles or Leon Washington (2010 free agency), both would be an upgrade over the veteran Faulk IMO.

    WR- Moss is signed through 2011, but I don't think he'll be brought back following that season unless he's still productive and willing to signs for less.  You should still have Wes Welker and a hopefully developed Julian Edelman.  The question for that season is who's the #2 outside receiver?  It could be Brandon Tate, but it wouldn't suprise me if they spent a pick on one in the 2010 draft, someone like Eric Decker from Minnesota.  Could also look at a veteran in free agency.

    TE- Chris Baker would need to be resigned as NE will not excise his $1.2M bonus option for the 2011 season making him a free agent.  If he's productive, they'll bring him back at a cap friendly price.  Watson is a wild card, but I don't think he'll be around in 2011.  They will most likely target a pass catching TE in the 2010 draft, someone like a Dennis Pitta from BYU.  Maybe make a huge splash and try and sign a guy like Dallas Clark?

    OT- A lot depends on whether SeaBass develops into a LT.  Matt Light will also be a FA following the 2010 season, I don't think they'll bring him back unless moved over to RT.  I think they'll certainly look at tackles in the 2010 draft as the class seems pretty deep.  They could make a splash and trade up for a stud like Brian Bulaga from Iowa or wait for one in the middle rounds.   Either way, I think you'll see a much different look by 2011.

    OG/C- I don't believe Mankins is brought back unless he takes a hometown discount.  NFL teams generally don't pay alot of money to guards.  So you may see a mix of Neal, Ohrnberger, Bussey or a 2010 pick/FA.  As for Center, Koppen is signed through 2011 so he'll probably be the guy.

    Defense:- **I'd love for them to run a more attacking/blizting style like Pittsburgh and the Jets are running.**
    CB- A lot depends on Leigh Bodden and the development of Butler/Wilhite/Wheatley, if Bodden's brought back following 2009, then he's probably good for 2011, if not you're looking at a combo of Butler/Wilhite/Wheatly/Draft pick/Free agent. 

    S- Sanders, Meriweather and Chung will prob be the rotation by 2011.  If they're looking to get really agressive, they could make a play for one of the studs coming out in 2010 Taylor Mays from USC or Eric Berry from Tenn.  I'd love to see either player, preferably Berry, but I think they're more likely to stay with what they have and maybe add a lower cost veteran who can also play special teams.

    LB- A lot depends on what scheme they're running for LB and DL, will it be a 3-4 or a 4-3 or a combo?  Mayo should be the man by then, I also hope Tyrone McKenzie fully recovers and is able to step in opposite Mayo. Adalius Thomas is signed through 2012 and I assume he'll be back. Crable is an unknown at this point, but by 2011, they should have a good idea what he can provide.  I'd like for them to look at a difference maker at OLB in the next couple drafts or free agencies, someone who can pressure the QB and provide some versatility. 

    DL- A lot depends on Wilfork, I think they get something done with him.  I also see them re-signing Jarvis Green to a lower cost veteran deal.  They will also have Ron Brace in the mix while Ty Warren and Mike Wright are both signed through 2013.  Will they sign Peppers?  I think they'll make a good attempt.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Mossman:  I've been doing a lot of thingking on this also!  The reality is, we already have a whole new team!  We have a lot of new faces on defense, special teams, coaches, etc.. 

    I think a lot of the moves made this past offseason was designed to help us through the additional transistions we will see over the next 2-3 years.  The good news is, we are going to have a ton of picks to restock with young talent, trades, etc. 

    If I were a betting man, Wifork, Mankins, and Brady all get new deals soon.  A lot of the players are on a 1 year contract so we need to solidify some other players as well (Bodden for example). 

    I like our skilled positions.  Yes, Moss may be gone but we have exciting young talent like Edelman, Tate, Nunn, and others on the backburner.  Remember, we won two superbowls without Moss and we can win more without him.  

    Personally, I enjoy the offseason as much as the regular season.  It's exciting to see team building process and the good news is, we are going to see a ton of new faces here over the next few years.  Let's hope they pan out better than some of the other recent picks! 
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    I agree the season is now.just trying to add a new discussion instead of all the gloom,and doom.but yes there is a whole new team now.thats what im saying with the cuts,and many more will be free agents next year,and key contracts are up the year one who dosent like change.especially if something wasnt broken,but i know it happens.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    The D absolutely must be addressed #1, to begin re-building- NOT what to do about Brady, Moss. yada, yada. Right along, now, the secondary is a joke- retreads, safeties that not only are small but, barely average in ability, Corners also, Wheately(who), Wilhite,Butler, all small-none of the  S or D backs are physical, reps as hitters, aggressive. We need a D with a reputation, like the Ravens and Steelers have- FEARED and RESPECTED. LBs we have now- none are respected or feared . I don't know what it is with BB, LBs and D backs. It's a mess!!! Did you just see the Jets D go by???-- getting a rep!!!
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    Great thread. Would Belichick package some picks for a defensive player like Spikes or Mays ? 2nd rounders come into play for discerning positional value. Need to see what the O LIne FA pool looks like too. Belichick has depth on the D Line (barring injury or Fork departure)...the problem is age.. I still can't see the Pats signing Peppers. Developing future QB obviously important, but I don't think Belichick goes Ricky Williams gaga for Tebow. I'd say a fullback is in the cards; more of late round pick. The key will be how fast the young players develop and who returns from IR with the fire in their belly.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    I think it's always been Bill's philosophy to have an ever-changing team. He places a "value" on a player and only pays the player that value. Under the current NFL system, veteran players who have a good season place a higher value on themselves than they are really worth. If you pay them what they think they are worth, it makes it more difficult to have a solid roster because there is less money to go around. So when a player wants his payday, Bill let's them have that payday with another team, and finds some other player with a better value to replace them.
    Sometimes that replacement comes through free agency. Sometimes it comes through the draft. (Either way it is hit or miss).
    If Bill can continue to find "value" players (through free agency and the draft), then he can continue to, year after year, put together a good, competitive team. Part of the process is letting go of the players that no longer are "value" players (either because they want too much money or because their skills do not match the money they make).
    What Bill has done lately (particularly on defense) is clean house. Gone are the non-value players. The replacements have come from free agency and the draft (both of which have been mixed bags). Bill has also given himself plenty of draft picks over the next two years to continue the process of replacing non-value players with value players. Some will stick, some won't.
    And I'm sure Bill will bring in a number of free agents over the next couple of years. Some will stick, some won't.
    It's all a part of the process, which, if Bill can keep it up, will ensure the Patriots have a good, competitive team for the next 10 years.
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    Re: patriots outlook by 2011

    One things for certain, both this upcoming offseason & the next will be critical for the Pats due to the fact that not only do they have a ton of players entering free agency, but they also have a bunch of 1st & 2nd rounders in order to rebuild.

    I know that our defense needs a lot of work, but the O-line & RB situation needs to be addressed stat! There are simply too many potential holes to fill there to just ignore these needs which is why I see them being addressed in this year's draft. 

    I think all the talk about us getting Julius Peppers should end now as it doesn't seem feasible given what it'll cost to sign him, not to mention the question marks surrounding his ability to be effective in a 3-4 defense.

    What the Pats need more than anything else are bonafide playmakers on both sides oif the ball.  I think that the Pats have to continue the trend of trading off 3rd rounders for future 2nd rounders much like the've done many times recently as the 2nd round represents tremendous value.  Likewise, the Patriots also have to start making bold boom or bust type of picks with their 4-7th round picks and see if they can strike gold.  Either do that or just keep trading away those picks in order to acquire higher picks in subsequent draft i.e., trading away a 4th for a 3rd, a 5th for a 4th etc...  But this practice of selecting players at those positions only to release them in training camp represents a missed opportunity, and is a total waste.