Do we have the most predictable playbook in the world or something.

1. Throw to Welker for 5 to 10 yds.
2. Long Ball to Moss (alternatively Aiken)
3. Maroney up middle for -2 to 2 yds (after a dance step/hop/skip). Alternativey Sammy for 1-5 yds. 
4. Screen to Faulk and pray he can make it. 

It seems 90% of our plays are a version of these 4. Was Stanback thrown to yesterday? Was Watson thrown to? Was Baker involved? What happenend to our diversity. 

Why don't we use play-action to make the secondary bite on the run to open receivers?

What happened to our famous reverses?

Even our screens are losing the zip they had since receivers don't block well. 

And on the defence what kind of miracle do we need to pray for to get some pressure on any team's QB. It seems every team that plays us, their QB goes untouched!