Patriots quit?........not can sense the uneasiness

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    Re: Patriots quit?........not can sense the uneasiness

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    The Patriots quit? You mean like they did against the Saints a few years back?

    Bill Belichick  was afraid of the Saints running up the score on the Patriots like the Patriots did to the Titans. He can dish it out, but can't take it. He sent out the backups and ran up the white flag. Cowardly


    That was 2009 I believe @ Saints. BB was very disappointed in that team because they were not mentally tough. I think that year we went 10-6. By the way who do you troll for ? pay a ton ? Denver ? Colts ? or are you just a jealous jets troll ? Come on you can man or woman up and tell us don't be ashamed.

    I will explain 1 more time.....

    I was born in Indy. That makes me a Colt fan.

    I moved to Denver 10 years ago. Peyton followed me out here. Since I hate Irsay for firing everyone on my team, I am now a Bronco fan. I would have never become a Bronco fan if Manning would not have come here. I am not a "bandwagon fan", I am a Manning fan. I am loyal to the man that made Indianapolis a football city am brought us a championship. 

    When Manning retires, I will go back to being a Colt fan. 

    Please stop calling me a Jets fan, I cannot stand the Jets. They suck!

    I am not a Giant fan either. Just when they're playing the Patriots. 

    Get it?  Got it? Laughing

    (insert all the bandwagon, name calling below)

    So you are the guy I described perfectly in the 'Trading Paces' thread...

    The Colts drafted Peyton number one and spent the largest part of their salary cap on him and surrounding him with offensive weapons so that he would set lots of records and become the biggest name in the NFL. He had the same offensive coordinator for most of his time in Indy. This kept the media putting him on the cover of magazines and ESPN kept saying 'boy-howdy, how bout that Peyton', which in turn kept the the hicks from Hooterville flocking in and buying jerseys and saying 'damn-hell, I'll tell you what. That Peytons the greatest dad-gum quarterback there ever was'... The fact that the Colts were actually able to luck into one Superbowl win only increased their reverence for him. Even the fact that he went one and done in the playoffs seven times couldn't stain their rose colored glasses for him. The Colts were thrilled with this and are now setting Andrew Luck up to be the new Peyton.

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