Patriot Grades for week 2:


Offensive Line       D-
Passing              D
Rushing              D
Coaching             F (There is nothing below this is there?)

Comments: This week I'm going to start with the coaching, specifically speaking, the play-calling or lack there of. I am know seeing why offensive coordinators around the league are under the microscope, and some have already been fired for one reason or another. It seems like deja-vu all over again for the Patriots, from the Giants Superbowl game is what I'm referring to... Once again the patriots offense looked very predictable and list-less. The Jets had many blitz packages for the Patriots, and the patriots offense looked like it had never seen a blitz before. I have one question that I'm just begging for an answer for..... WHEN ARE THE PATRIOTS COACHES GOING TO LEARN THAT THEY HAVE TO MAKE ADJUSTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not once did I see a screen pass to Faulk (or anyone for that matter) not once did I see any kind of reverses to make the Jets think before they blitz, and not once did I see them try to roll Brady out to but him some time. Oh and why during the many blitzes the Jets had did the Patriots not exploit the WIDE-OPEN middle of the field???  These are just some of the many questions I have for the Patriots this day. Well enough for now on the coaching, lets move on to the Ofensive line, which once again really earned that D- grade again this week.The running game pretty much has been non-exsistent thus far this season. I have been for the most part very critical of the O-line for a few years now, and this year thier lack of performance is really starting to come through. A time where Brady is still trying to find his groove this is when you really need the O-line to help make that transition for Brady a little easier. Having Brady pass nearly 100 times in just 2 games is not a good thing, and if this keeps up, Brady will not see the end of another season.   

Defensive Line       C
Linebackers          C-
Secondary            C+
Coaching             I

Comments: I'm not really sure what to make of this defense through 2 weeks. Injuries are already starting to take thier toll, as well as the youth and in-experience. One of the biggest problems I'm seeing with this defense so far is the extreme lack of pressure they are not putting on the opposing quarterbacks. I mean there were many times in the Jets game where I felt if they passed every down Sanchez could have had 300 yards passing easy. A little of that is the secondary, and a little of that is the front lines inability to put sustained pressure on the passer. I've always said a defense must take something away from the other teams offense, if you can't do that, its going to be a long day. As a

whole, the defense didn't perform that badly, however, in the Jets case I feel it was only because they seemed to hold the offense back. Saying that, its still tough to say where the Patriots are when it comes to thier defense, I expect that in the next few weeks, we should have a pretty good gadge on the defense... (To Be Continued...)

In conclusion, The Patriots could easily be 0-2, If not for the gutty perfromance of Brady they would be. There are many parts of this team that should concern many Patriot fans, such as the stagnet offense, an offensive line that seems to be getting worse each week, and a defense that can't seem to get off the field. I'm wondering how much this team will improve throughout the course of the season, or will it just degress. I expect, (providing Brady survives his Offensive line) Brady will get much better with more playing time. They have a solid core of running backs but that offensive line is just awful, I mean even if we had peterson from minnesota, he too would have a hard time rushing

the ball with 3 guys on him as soon as he gets it. There were not many positives in the Jets game, so as one would imagine I had to do some serious digging to find one. That one you ask, Well edelman looked pretty good eh?? I told you I had to do some serious digging........