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Patriots Roster tracker to opening day

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    Re: Patriots Roster tracker to opening day

    Position: Projected Roster Spots: Players: Bold = starters |[Red Font] = possible roster addition for training camp | (u) - undrafted rookie| {r} - rookie draftpick

    Quarterback: 2 Tom Brady Ryan Mallett Mike Kafka Ryan Osiecki (u)                  

    Running Back: 4 Stevan Ridley Shane Vereen Leon Washington LeGarrette Blount Brandon Bolden James Devlin                        

    Wide Receiver:
     6 Aaron Dobson {r} Danny Amendola Julian Edelman Josh Boyce {r} Donald Jones Matthew Slater T.J. Moe (u) Michael Jenkins Kenbrell Thompkins (u) Kamar Aiken Lavelle Hawkins                  

    Tight End:
     4 Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernandez Jake Ballard Michael Hoomanawanui Daniel Fells Zach Sudfeld (u) Ben Bartholomew (u)-FB orTE  Brandon Ford (u)                

    Offensive Tackle: 4 Nate Solder Sebastian Vollmer Markus Zusevics- OT or G Will Svitek Elvis Fisher (u) Nick Halloran (u) R.J. Mattes (u)
    (Solder and Vollmer are the starters. Svitek can play both left and right tackle, while Zusevics can play both right tackle and guard.)                     

    Guard: 3 Logan Mankins,  Dan Connolly, Marcus Cannon- G or OT Josh Kline (u)-OT or G Chris McDonald (u) Tyronne Green                      

    2 Ryan Wendell Nick McDonald- C or OT or G Matt Stankiewitch (u)                   
    Note: Players in Italic are not in-scope to make team on current depth chart either because of rookie / undrafted status or still free agent or...