Patriots sign WR Lavelle Hawkins

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    Re: Patriots sign WR Lavelle Hawkins

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    2 SB's Patriots have the lead going into the final 2 minutes.... guess who wins?  Thanks defense!!


    Yeah. Scoring 14 or 17 points to win SBs in the last 25 years are regularities. That was a heck of a point by you.

    An educated fan would realize playing balls to the wall D in a SB for 50+ minutes in a dome with a halftime show, longer halftimes, more heat in a dome, does a number on the D which is why in this era, the teams who have leads in SBs blow leads every single time.

    The question is, what does that team's offense do to offset that factor?

    Did I not say before this year's SB that it would be high scoring? Yep. I did.  We're the only offense that sucks in these SBs. lmao

    Only you would spin the highest scoring offense in NFL history, scoring 14 in a SB, as NOT the reason we lost that SB, TFB12.  Brady will be mocked for years for that. Years.

    So, tell us, you were bandwagoning before 2001? WHich team was it? The 49ers? Why is that? You like to hitch your wagon to whatever team is winning that decade, don't you, TFB12?



    OBTUSE!  Teams score less with less chances to score.   Case closed!


    What did the gints score again?  Oh yea, 17 and 19 EVEN with the turn overs!

    The only way the  D had ANYTHING to do with that is they were the cause of the low possessions!  That is it!  AS evidenced by allowing 50% scoring in the game and 75% in the second half.  Up until the last possession, TB, walked off the field and had them beat.  TWICE!!!!!

    8 possession games are the irregularity.  DOPE!  Plenty of teams score under 21...the league average is 22.  It's even more prevalent when you only have 8 chances to score, instead of the average of 12.  Are you really this obtuse, that you can't understand basic math?    Do you know that 12 is 4 more than 8? . Did you happen to see what TB did in 4 possessions and 7 minutes against the 49'rs?  Too bad he never had that chance against the jints.   Thank you D!


    Are you counting the opening play Safety as a "possession"? lmao


    What good is a 'possession' if you throw them away? 


    They are not good if you throw them away and they did throw 2 away, but the DEFENSE threw 4 away by never leaving the field and by my calculations, that is twice as bad.


    Are they still in INDY because they were missing in Fox.

    Also, it is easier to recover from errors with MORE possessions!  Harder with less.

    In a 12 possession game you have 10 chances to make up for the 2 errors.  In a 8 Poss game, you only have 6.  That includes the D helping to counter those TO's by getting a couple on their own and they actually screwd themselves, too, with the lower pos's. because it became less likely to get a pick or fumble with the reduced chances of getting them.



    Forcing punts or holding to FGs, with 3 total sacks in the game is absolutely "leaving the field", moron.


    None of your premise is relative to the 3 drives in the 4th qtr were Brady and the offense CRAPPED the bed up 17-12 and 17-15.

    No one would even be looking at the total amounty of "possessions" if Brady hadn't crapped the bed with the INT in the 4th or the high throw to Welker.



    Um, no.  Spending nearly 5 minutes on the field in average, for every possession is a FAILURE, regardless of whether or not they allow 3 or 7 or punt.

    Do you know a whole possession which includes BOTH the O & D, should only take 5 minutes?    12 x's 5 = 60.  No, you don't do you?  Regardless of being told 16000 times, you are too obtuse to see the truth.  Ask a jints fan.  They loved  the D being on the field for 5 minutes a pop.  LOVED IT!  Ask BB how much he loved it.  He loved it so much he drafted the entire Rutgers backfield.  LOL

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    Re: Patriots sign WR Lavelle Hawkins

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    YOu said you started watching the Pats in 2001 and said you liked SF before. I am not making it up. Others witnessed it too.



    More lies!!  I have never, ever liked the 49'ers.  I may have said I liked the 49'ers to win the SB against the Ravens but I have never, ever said I liked or was ever a fan of the 49'ers!!


    Please put your money where your mouth is dude!!  If you can find anywhere on this forum that I have ever said I was a fan of the 49'ers then I will leave this place for good or I will never, ever respond to any of your posts ever again!!  You choose which one.  And the same goes for you if you can't find anything that shows where I stated I was a fan of the 49'ers or they were my team or anything like that.  Come on.... Back up your claims here dude!!

    Others have witnessed it???  So now you are talking for others??  C'mon others, help Rusty with the offer I just put down!!  Please Rusty, or anyone else show me where I said this!! 

    Has anyone else here seen where I have ever posted that I was a 49'ers fan???  Anyone?? 

    You are a Fraud Rusty!!  Once again you are making claims that are not true!!


    C'mon Rusty, I am waiting!  Why are you ignoring this post.  You have replyed to other posts since this one was posted and no response yet.  Are you having a hard time trying to find what doesn't exist?  Are you trying to find a way to spin another one of your lies? 

    Man up, dude!  You are being called out on another one of your lies here.  How do you respond?


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    Re: Patriots sign WR Lavelle Hawkins

    Hawkins: another one of BB's dreaded "value signings." 

    I like a value as much as the next dude but BB shops at the dollar store a lot, odd behavior for a man with a wad of cap cash in his pocket...