Patriots Week 13 Report Card

 Offense: Grade:  A+ 

It was nearly another perfect day for this offense, last night it seemed like they could do anything they wanted, when they wanted, the only nit-picking I could do was during the last two drives at the end of the first half. It was good to see the Offense play a full complete game; I mean it only took them 12 weeks to achieve this moment. I can’t help wondering is this team hitting its stride at the right time. There was one thing in particular that I was very pleasantly surprised to see, and that was the different looks they offense had and gave the Jets all night; it was most refreshing to see some new wrinkles and different looks from the offense, instead of seeing the same old stale play-calling.                           

Defense: Grade: A+

Well there is a grade that I thought the defense would never see this season, an A+! This was by far their best defensive performance of the season, and it was not only a total team effort, but it was a total game effort. Of course I am still a realist, and I’m not saying that the all the Patriot defensive problems are a thing of the past, but for one night, it all came together. The one glaring problem that I did see during the game was all the missed tackles, the funny thing about this part of the game is the fact that it’s the easiest to do and the one thing that worked on. Anyhow, I will leave this one here, since the defense deserves its day in the sun.

Special Teams: Grade: C

The special teams play was also on course and despite a couple short kicks, the down-field coverage was pretty solid. There really is not much to say here since the game was so far one-sided.          

In conclusion, as I have said earlier, it was good to finally see the Patriots play a complete 4 quarters of solid football. The Patriots are now through 4 games in their 6-game block of tough games (4-0) currently on their schedule.  The victory was huge for the Patriots mainly because a loss last night would have pretty much left them with the 4-seed at best. It will be interesting to see how this team responds next week at Chicago after such an emotional game with the Jets. I’m also interested in seeing the follow up with the defense, to see if they are truly turning the corner. I’m not ready to purchase super bowl tickets yet, the Patriots still have much to prove, such as will the offense continue to be fresh and inventive, also will the defense take the preverbal step forward, or take two steps back.