Patriots Week 16 Grades

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    Patriots Week 16 Grades

                                 Patriots Week 16 Report Card

     Offense: Grade:  A 

    Well once again the Patriots offense rebounded from a not-so-good effort from the week before; of course one has to remember that it was against the Buffalo Bills. Saying that it was nice to see the Patriots stick to the ground game (200+ yards) which I feel will be very important if they are to be in Dallas in February.  As for Brady pretty much status quo for him, he did pretty much did what was needed and was efficient in doing so. Another pleasant sight was the time of possession which the patriots controlled pretty well against the Bills.

    Defense: Grade: B

    Well what do you know; the Patriots defense earned another grade above “D”, maybe we need to play the Bills more often. Anyhow, it was good to see the defense getting off the field last week holding the Bills to a modest 3 of 10 on third-down-conversions. Although they did get 7 turnovers they still surrendered nearly 400 yards total offense, not quite sure if that will be good enough in the playoffs. Never-the-less a win is a win and the defense did do some good work.   
    Special Teams: Grade: B-

    I would like to see the Patriots tighten up on their kickoff and punt coverage teams; they are still having moments where they are giving up far too many yards to their opponents. The kicking game was pretty solid           

    In conclusion, for the Patriots they have everything clinched, and for their final week it will be interesting to see how much playing time the starters actually get against Miami.  If I know coach BB, I’m picturing a full day’s work for the starters as if they still have something to prove.  
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    Re: Patriots Week 16 Grades

    I think that Brady plays into the 2nd quarter and then he is pulled to begin the chorus of standing O's for different players as they are taken out...