Patriots Week 5 Grades

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    Patriots Week 5 Grades

                             Patriot Grades for week 5:


    Offensive Line          C-
    Passing                   B+ (and D-)
    Rushing                   c-
    Coaching                Have no idea what grade to give here...

    Comments: Well this week was definitley a tale of two halfs. The offense

    seemed to click in the first half (17 points), but seemed to have traveled

    back to New England for the Second Half (0 points). As for Brady, its

    obvious that its going to take more time, I'm thinking another 6 weeks at

    least before he even comes close to the Brady we knew in years past. The

    line started to show some life but with an injury and more inconsistent play

    especially in the second half, the best grade I could give them is a low C.

    Also the same grade I gave the rushing attack, I'm also wondering what is up

    with maroney, is he hurt?, is he healthy? what is it? I mean if he's hurt I

    would like to know so I can see if I won the pool I have with him on how

    long it will take him to get hurt this season.... Then there is the

    coaching, god not sure what the heck to do with this area of the team, so I

    will just move on...


    Defensive Line         B
    Linebackers            C
    Secondary             B
    Coaching               B

    Comments: Well with the defense, we start with the Line, which played

    relatively solid throughout the game, however the one complaint I have is I

    wish they would be more consistent with putting pressure on the QB. The

    linebackers, well this is a growing process, but still the biggest hole on

    the team, difficult to see the defense performing at a high level unless the

    LB's can step up... The secondary is still one of the bigger surprises on

    the defense, however, saying that I'm starting to see holes beginning to

    develop each week, giving up touchdowns on plays where you wonder who they

    were guarding, were they out of place or what? I saw much of this during

    that 99 yard drive the Broncos had in the 4th quarter. would like to see

    them again be more consistent. Overall about as solid as one can expect from

    a defense that has many new parts installed in it.

        In conclusion: At 3-2 and still looking for thier first road win this

    season its starting to take on many similar characteristics as last season.

    Inconsistent play from the offense, sluggish play-calling, A defense that is

    having a hard time getting off the field (A whopping 27 1st downs speaks for

    itself), just to name a few things that I'm starting to see. Remember this

    team won 11 games last season and missed the playoffs, partly because they

    struggled against good teams, and lets look at thier record vs good teams

    2-2, hmmm have we seen this before??

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    Re: Patriots Week 5 Grades

    my grade is pure garbage!!!!!
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    Re: Patriots Week 5 Grades

    In Response to Re: Patriots Week 5 Grades:
    my grade is pure garbage!!!!!
    Posted by aces1

    You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

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    Re: Patriots Week 5 Grades

     Stop wearing and Get rid of the OLd School Uniforms . There fricken bAd luck !!! i always hated them anyways !! BRady and the bunch will turn it around and play better nextweek (wk 6 ) ,,,,,,GO PATS !!!!